Gambia: The Fall Of Amie Bensouda

The Fall of Amie Bensouda

When about three weeks ago, Alhaji Kurang blew the whistle on the sins and atrocities of Amie Bensouda as a biased and prejudiced counsel at the Janneh Commission, the Justice Minister Bai Tambadou hurriedly rushed to her rescue by issuing a lame defence, which was met by public ridicule. Now Amie Bensouda is feeling the heat of public opinion and her star is on the way down the path of shame and ignominy. Because of her conflicted interests, on Tuesday 24 July 2018, the haughty and imperious Amie Bensouda was forced to eat humble pies when Musa Batchilly took over her all-important role at the Janneh Commission as a counsel in a case concerning the sale of Ocean Bay Hotel, Social Security and Augustus Prom, the receiver of Ocean Bay Hotel.

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Amie Bensouda’s son Aziz Bensouda is representing his mother’s chambers in the case before the High Court in Banjul. The case involves Social Security, BPI and Augustus Prom. Now the Janneh Commission is investigating the sale of Ocean Bay, the receiver of Ocean Bay Hotel Augustus Prom insisted on the point of death that Amie Bensouda must stay out of the case at the Janneh Commission otherwise they would not appear before the Janneh Commission. That was why Amie Bensouda was pushed out of the Commission last Tuesday to give way to Lawyer Batchily.

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Another interesting development at the Commission involving the same Ocean Bay Hotel is that Amie Bensouda’s son Aziz has colluded with Lawyer Abdoulie Sissoho to look for a third party to buy the hotel. Unfortunately for them, the Chairman of the commission Hon. Surahata Janneh who is now beginning to see through the Bensouda family told them point blank that his commission has no jurisdiction to hear the matter of the third party buyer. However, the questions the public is now asking are why the case of the third party buyer at the Janneh Commission was heard in camera on Wednesday 25 July 2018 not in the open forum of the commission? What is the Bensouda family trying to hide? Are they trying to secretly use a front to buy off the hotel?

Investigations have also revealed that contrary to what  Tamsir Badjie testified at the Janneh Commission under …. by Amie Bensouda, the lawyer who perfected the transaction of the Ocean Bay, Kairaba Beach and Sunwing Hotel is not Lawyer Lamin Ceesay but it is Amie Bensouda.


Moreover, the money paid for the sale of Atlantic Hotel by the Libyans was paid directly to Amie Bensouda who, on the direct instructions of Yahya Jammeh, paid the loot into a nominated designated account of Yahya Jammeh, not the account of the Gambia Government. She needs to be thoroughly investigated by the Janneh Commission on this issue.

One parastatal that is yet to be probed by the Janneh Commission is the GPTC, where Amie Bensouda’s brother Habib Drammeh worked as an accountant. It would be recalled that he was convicted of economic crimes against the state in 2013. It is the same convict who is now the secretary general and head of the civil service. And to add insult to injury, he is the brother of Amie Bensouda. The Gambia is not for sale.

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