Gambia: Thank you VP Fatoumatta Jallow-Tambajang for your service

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Thank you VP Fatoumatta Jallow-Tambajang for your service. I’d wanted you to be given the opportunity to serve in the second highest office for undeniable facts that
– you had the prescribed qualifications and more, of a VP
– NOBODY that matches in your class when it mattered the most. From the moment you hit the scene at Fass Njagga Choi to how you stood under that scorching sun between April – July with that murderous monster waiting for an opportunity to maul, you were solid.
– you were quite instrumental as a non-partisan coequal in the birth of a Coalition to oust a dictatorship.

Politics is a rewards game. You earned yours. Thank You for the Service.

Like the case of Hon. Mai Fatty, I’m saddened to have seen Coalition Stakeholders out of the cabinet. Yourself, Hon. OJ Jallow and Henry Gomez can keep your heads up, smiling that you are delivered the country from tyranny, and did work on steadying the ship.

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By: Pata PJ


Alhagie Njie –> Gambia is bigger than any one of the coalition stakeholder. If the interest of the Gambia is compromised by any one of them, the person must be shown an exit door!
So whoever that cap fits,let it be worn.
Well done president Barrow!

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Sait Matty Jaw –> You are very annoying but a smart guy. You can and do always separate partisan politics from national politics when it matters. You do see Gambia.

Torlata Kontontalar –> Too late after making a video mocking and celebrating the reshuffle. The ungratefulness I saw on Facebook was beyound my comprehension. Thank god you have reflect on the pass. Today is them no one knows what will happen tomorrow until we get there. Keep celebrating the end is near. All I no madam tambanjang had put her life online when UDP and darboe was incarcerated she organized the Kalima revolution…Too early to forget…..while waiting on the second reshuffle until then…

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