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A consignment of 3,000 metric tonnes of compound fertilizer ordered by The Gambia government through GGC from Vietnam, has arrived in the country. The move demonstrates former GGC’s unrelenting drive to ensure that farmers in the country have access to quality fertilizer.

The consignment, which arrived in Banjul on Saturday, will be distributed nationwide by GGC.

Anthony G.  Carvalho, managing director of the National Food Security Marketing and Processing as formerly called GGC, said that on an annual basis, the institution used to order fertilizer from overseas for use by Gambian farmers.

‘Currently, we have fertilizer in stock in all our depots’.

MD Carvalho recalled that some time ago they had another consignment of one 1000 metric tonnes of fertilizer from Senegal, indicating that that was of a different variety specifically meant for groundnut cultivation.

According to him, since Saturday they have started receiving fertilizer that was ordered through Atlas Trading Company, a Gambian –based company.


‘The total amount ordered for this farming season, is 3000 metric tonnes of compound fertilizer, but I want to add that we still have s tock fertilizer that arrived last December’.

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He noted that part of the first consignment was sold to the famers and would expire next year August 2019, adding that this new consignment is expected to expire in 2020.

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“As we speak there is no a single bag of fertilizer left at our Saaroo depot, because as the container arrives, we load them on to trucks for onward distribution to all our depots.”

MD Carvalho indicated that this compound fertilizer can be applied on any crops from early millet (coos) or groundnuts, saying it came at a time when there is much noise over the recent fertilizer saga in the country.

“We will try to sensitise the population on the issues of fertilizer. I know there is too much talk about the expired fertilizer, but that has nothing to do with GGC. We have never ordered that fertilizer. And I want farmers to be very particular, with all the fertilizer being ordered by GGC.’

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He revealed that this fertilizer would be available to all their depots for easy access by farmers, adding that the fertilizer price would be determined by the government on Monday as this fertilizer is highly subsidised by government.

Author: Abdoulie Nyockeh

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