Gambia: State House Intel Director Accused Of Stealing Jammeh’s Van, Which He Uses For Taxi Services!

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Gambia’s breaking news:

The State House Intelligence Director ASP Muhammed Kanteh has been named in an alleged car theft. Kanteh reportedly took one of dictator Yahya Jammeh’s confiscated Toyota minivans by the state and transform it as a commercial taxi.

The minivan:

The van bearing registration number: BJL 6114 K has been plying between Bundung and Basse. It carries passengers travelling from the Kombos enroute to Basse, in the Upper River Region of the Gambia. The van was stationed at the Basse Bundung garage—just opposite the Bundung police station.


The report:

Gambia’s law enforcement authorities impounded the alleged stolen van two weeks ago amid reports linking Kanteh to the alleged backdoor deal to use Jammeh’s van for commercial venture. Kanteh is a nephew of Foreign Minister Ousainou Darboe.

This is not the first time;

Kanteh has also been named in other missing items at the State House. The prime suspect in that case Superintendent Gorrgi Mboob, has been sent on interdiction pending the outcome of the so-called investigation instituted by the police command in Banjul.


Mr. Mboob was alleged to have stolen Jammeh’s cement, among other valuable belongings. Police Commissioner Abdoulie Sanyang, and PIU Commissioner Omar Darboe and others were also allegedly named in that matter.


President Adama Barrow is aware of both incidents. So far, no one has been charged in regards to the alleged theft cases at the State House.


Mr. Kanteh, and those named in this report could not be reached for their own side of the story.

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Massive Looting.

There is a massive looting taking place in the Gambia. Dictator Jammeh’s confiscated properties have landed in the hands of some dishonest law enforcement agents. Corrupt officers will grab whatever they can lay on their hands to line their pockets.

The police can do little about it.

Meanwhile, the Inspector General of police Landing Kinteh, and his task force are yet to bring the alleged thieves to justice. Sources said some of those implicated in this grand larceny involving dictator Jammeh’s properties have strong connections in the Coalition government. Hence, the police’s hands have been tied and could not independently dispense justice with fairness…interesting.

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Corruption rising in Gambia.

Oh no… President Adama Barrow has been accused of presiding over a corrupt State House, where backroom deals are the order of the day. Combating official corruption hasn’t been his government’s top priority since he came to power.

Corruption is becoming endemic in the new Gambia. There is also massive waste of government resources at the expense impoverished Gambians. Public officials have been living beyond their means, and there is no sense of accountability amongst public officials.


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