Gambia: Shocking Revelations about Barrow’s Monthly Travels.

Shocking Revelations about Barrow’s Monthly Travels.

According to a statement from the office of the President, H.E President Barrow Will be accompanied by the first Lady,cabinet ministers, and other government officials will travel to the US on Saturday 22 September to attend the 73 ordinary session of the UN,barely less than a month after attending another sub regional meeting. We are not saying government or President Barrow shouldn’t travel however this endless travels costing tax payers millions of dalasis without much yield is what concerns Gambians. Lots of millions is being spent on travels, perdiems,chartered flights and accommodations while the average Gambians continue to suffocate to death.This is indeed shocking in a country who is trying to crawl.Earlier last week Barrow’s own finance minister has revealed very shocking figures regarding Barrow travels. He told deputies that Barrows government spent D230m on travels alone(chartered flights, per Diem’s,accommodation)etc.This is unacceptable as it is not sustainable,the Gambia is seriously bleeding under this clueless government who has no direction or clue on how to run a government. This D230m is only for 6 months between January and July of this year, by the end of December 2018 they would spend D460m just on travels.
Almost all our sectors has crumbled nothing is working for Gambians in this administration, their only interest is to make fast money and enrich themselves before they are kick out in 2019.Now it’s like every month a high powered delegation accompy the president using millions of dalasis on chartered flights and per diems.Interestingly they are no more revealing the number of delegates accompanying the President. Our health, Education and agricultural sectors who needs urgent attention are being neglected or ignore. Our WASSCE results this year poorest in the subregion, our hospitals empty,no drugs or equipments, the patient to doctor ratio is 1000+.May God have mercy on our country and help the poor and the needy.

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