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BY: Sainey Sisay

DSS will never cease to amaze. Now that Darboe is made VP, their new narrative is that Barrow is trying to entrench himself in position by giving Darboe a “ceremonial” position. Since when did the position of the VP become ceremonial? In one of his many reasons for not taking up a cabinet position, Ayatollah Sallah hinted to the fact that he was eyeing the VP position. Least we for, in some countries including the USA, the VP is elected on the same ticket as the president. That’s how important the position of the VP is.

Hey, but I get it: if by going around and downplaying the importance of the position of VP consoles you enough, keep posting, it’s therapeutic. Momodou Lamin KanagieCoach-Pasamba JowFatu Camara, Modou Njai, Pata PJMomodou NdowNanama Keita


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Momodou Lamin Kanagie –> All what the VP does is attend funerals and kolios. I have records of Pata PJ accusing Barrow of killing the Faraba 3 just two days ago.

Sainey Sisay Momodou Lamin Kanagie,  –> today, you will definitely say that all the VP does is to attend ceremonies. Yesterday, your Ayatollah lobbied for it. Someone, please help bring out screenshots of post where the DSS asked that Halifa me made VP. Momodou Kanagie, by the way, did you listen to OJ’s interview on Freedom?

Sainey Sisay –> It is and the entire DSS team knows this, but because it’s given to Darboe, they are consoling themselves with, “its just a ceremonial position”.

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Momodou Ndow –> I never said that Sainey Sisay. But I did say that Darboe should give up his UDP leadership now that he’s VP because of the major conflict of interest!

Sainey Sisay –> Where is the conflict of interest? You are telling a politician to give up his leadership in a political party because he is now holding a political position. You are not making sense.

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Kebba Muhammadu Saidu Jallow –> As a loyalist and Godfearing Police officer I’m Behind any moved taken by the President of the Republic of the Gambia and may the Almighty Allah guide the relieved Honourables and bless them with goodness and increased their dedication towards the peace, progress and prosperity of the Gambia our home land Insha Allahu Ameen

Musty Jabang –> Congratulations Mr Vice-president HE Ousainu Darboe, newly appointed cabinet ministers and the other appointees by the president of the republic of the Gambia HE Adama Barrow. Former Vice-president HE Fatoumata Tambajang and relieved ministers, thanks for serving us. The president is given the power by us to reshuffle as he wish and he did just that. Let’s get to work as we have a nation to build.. May Allah continue to bless The Gambia.. Ameen..

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