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Who are you to tell Mai fatty to shut up, when he was part of the stakeholders that form the coalition, not only that but Mai go further to agree for his party to support Adama and the UDP, but also agreed for the UDP to bring their own party supporters and list their names under his parties (delegates of the convention), campaigned for Barrow and contribute his money for Barrow’s presidency.
What do you know about the coalition Musa Jeng or it’s because you are presidential Youth Adviser and you can say anything.

BY: Kexx Sanneh


Lamin Jaiteh -> These fools all need stamp out of the government and is the coalition moderators to blame much after they didn’t share state positions clear cut on the MoU..
The president has no rights to keep mute why he had sacked the Mai Fatty..
If the romour is true that it were upon SIS director’s recommendation in relation to the Kanilai unlawful protest, one should question why the serving interior minister should not sack forthwith. .
Is it not because he is somehow related to the president or was it right the police under his watch should have deliberately gun down peaceful environmentalists..??
Impeach president Barrow now will save us from further stupidity and inconsistency…

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Alagie Mbye -> kexx I disagree with you……. it’s not about the agreement it’s, its a term limit that people vote for


Bangally Sumareh UDP supporters mercilessly beated a young journalist in the front of nation’s chief security, his only crime was because he asked question,yet you called that minister the best interior minister Gambia ever had, chei Gambians, what is the problem? Stupidity or ignorance?

Armstrong Sisawo Mai fatty is the only minister to call a young journalist in front of entire gambian people an apologise to him those are some of reason he be came the best interior minister in the Gambian history an good Gambians will always love him

Bala Musa Wally I don’t know why should Hon. Fatty shut up when people like him spread all forms of allegations against him for their political gains. Let our president come up with clear reasons with proves why he sacked Fatty. Those comments are not for him to make, he is the one who should shut up.. Clueless political beggar!

Sheku Gerewou The president don’t have to prove anything.
HALIFA told Gambians, we need system change, nobody listen, everybody was busy to eat. Now they lost their job and crying for help.
MAI should somewhere with that, cause he was only interested in having a job, not system change.
Karma is a pain in the neck.

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Bala Musa Wally I choose to completely differ, u are narrating two different scenarios here. Halifa’s advice will be adhered sooner or later because even those who were against it now saw the need. But Mai’s sacking deserves an explanation brother, that’s the truth!

Now Read This:  Gambia news with sarjo barrow Star fm 05th October 2018

Bakary Manneh  -> He added: “During his time as the interior minister he misused his powers by ordering security to mount salutes for him as if he is the president…He also used to walk on a red carpet… This is something that no interior minister has ever done in the history of this country or anywhere else. Not even the ones he succeeded. But the president out of goodness ignored all that.” Musa Jeng

This and the last paragraph was what bothered them…the rest are bogus statements unless they are ready to bring up credible charges if there was mismanagement….who will become the president in 2021…WE will decide that…and not in a hurry about that….”beh cha wirase ba rek”

Lamin Jallow Now that a presidential adviser is admitting to wrong doings of a state minister, shouldn’t the NA or SIS launch an investigation into the matters of that said ex-minister. Clearly something is wrong here. Jeng needs to be brought into questioning.

Armstrong Sisawo -> You’re very right Lamin Jallow Jeng should be question he knows something about the dismissal of honourable Mai Fatty for now i have my trust in mai fatty

Lamin Jallow Jeng’s actions should be seen as an effort to blackmail Mai Fatty into shutting up. I can’t believe this guy will admit the government is engaged in covering up crimes committed by their employees.

Armstrong Sisawo Thank you Lamin Jallow for speaking my mind that’s exactly what am thinking he is trying to blackmail him an we won’t give that chance to the government.


Sheku Gerewou This attitude of superman wannabe in Gambia politics is the problem.
Sanna sabally as the VP of then AFPRC did the same thing , criss crossing the country with heavy Guard and un approve arms get him feel like he was in charge.
Copycat MAI did the same, one have to ask the question about honesty.
MAI after election he join Husseinou Daboe not to respect the MOU, if he saying today that he will honor the 3 years MOU.( watch) Gambia
Gambians have to becareful, any leader who switch their positions anytime, base on who they dealing for their interest is not fit to be a leader.
Flip flap MAI have to go sit down somewhere. His service is no longer needed, probably the GMC may need him not us.
Self interest rek.
He has been consume by the law.

Gambia don’t need him

Armstrong Sisawo For now we believe in Mai fatty hence the government has no capabilities to tell the gambians why his sack

Sheku Gerewou The government don’t have to tell.
When good Gambians were calling for system change, MAI and the others betrayed the nation, now that he consume by the law, he want to cry out foul….
What goes around come around. JANFA, God has authority and he has decided for us

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