GAMBIA: Reactions to VP Tambajang’s Interview On Faraba Incident

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In her interview regarding Faraba, VP said no one gave the PIUs order to go protect the minding area in Faraba. Really? So PIUs just grab their guns with live bullets, jump into their trucks, and just pick a spot and go do their thing (meaning whoop ass)? Are they loosey goosey like that? With her statement, I would say IGP too belong under the bus.

Essentially, this means that there is no chain of common and PIUs can freelance. Mind you, the taxpayers are the ones paying the PIUs to freelance, with uniforms, guns, trucks, essence and all. They even pay for the boots the PIUs kick them with. Crazy, ha? I am working on trying to make sense of it all.

VP also said neh Barrow doesn’t talk because he’s working, and he can’t work and talk. Well, talking is part of his job description and he has neglected it forever. But what it really means is that Barrow cannot walk and chew gum at the same time. Na wawoo!

VP Fatoumata Tambajang stop mentioning Allah while doing wrong this is what Yaya jammeh doing for 22 years.

Lots of questions to be answered about the murder of protestors by the Gambia Police Force.

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When the PIU went to #Faraba

– Did they have enough manpower to handle an unruly crowd?
– Who gave the command for them to go?
– What were the orders? What were they to achieve?
– Who gave them live ammunition?
– Who took the shots?
– Who ordered the shots?
– This Faraba mining problem has been brewing for a while. Why was it not given due attention?
– #

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 in Gunjur is also brewing. What’s being done to prevent escalation?

President Adama Barrow Fatoumata Tambajang ousainou darboe

Fatoumata Tambajang is another Isatou Njie Saidy while the Interior Minister is a replica of Ousman Sonko. IGP you can’t sacrifice these young officers and go free. Hell nooo.

I had nothing against Adama Barrow but see his cluelessness has cost two lives again, youths so to speak. As I’m writing this post he doesn’t know the next step to take.
This is the prize we have to pay for allowing someone with zero% leadership qualities to lead a nation hungry for ethical leadership.
Now is the time to stop the finger pointing and the blame game and demand justice for the deceased persons.
Barrow as a president literally had to learn how even read a speech.
Two people killed because of Sand, i wonder how many would have been killed if it were a Goldmine or and oil field.


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Watch VP’s full interview below

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