GAMBIA: Reactions to President Adama Barrow’s Cabinet Reshuffle

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If what I am seeing is true, then Barrow administration is struggling. They know they don’t have the right leadership in place. Corruptions and Nepotism is beheading the Gambia. Let’s wait and see what this reshuffling means. I would recommend to retire some of the old folks and bring in new capable talents who can make a huge difference towards where we heading. Reshuffling alone won’t do it, clean them up – those Corrupt and unfit ones!

Nboy Nboy –> congratulations the new vice president of the republic of the Gambia, lawyer ousainou numukunda darboe gambia nelson mandala.

Alieu Bah –> ….we keep getting fucked over and over. cabinet reshuffle my ass when hamat bah is still there and ebrima sillah is the new info minister plus mballow is still the interior minister. what’s just happened? and how about getting women in there? damn!

Prince Bubacarr Aminata Sankanu –> I prefer competence over gender card. We had women Vice Presidents twice already. Trying a man is not a bad idea. If we take a serious look, we still have women in the various Embassies, Ministries, Security Forces and more. Maybe the official Gambia Bureau of Statistics can help us with head counts so that we can get a better understanding is what is MORE here….😂

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Saikou Samateh—> Well comrade, it is an issue of consolidating power and at the same time trying to get out some of those who are becoming a problem. You can see that UDP is out of power position and Barrow is building his own base, so the gender isuue is not a priority for him at the moment it seems.

Alieu Bah –>> something unprecedented is happening in the homeland. everyday people are having conversations about things that matter and they’re doing something about it. you can either be disgruntled about it or be really hopeful. our democratic praxis isn’t coming from the leadership —if you’re looking that way you’ll soon lose hope. the praxis is happening on the ground, amongst the masses of our people. onwards!

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Lamin Tamba —> Is anyone with a criminal conviction like Darboe allowed to become President/VP? Requirements are the same. Violation

 Bass Sonko –> Have said this before: Watch out for the new constitution they’re dying to bring in. Convictions won’t matter and it’s to serve people with criminal records like Darboe.

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PrinceAllas Kanteh  –>Jokes! Isn’t. You guys just need to zip it 🤐. Don’t even think for a second to compare Darboe with gangster Jammeh. Jammeh is the The worst ever happened to The Gambia.

You just chose to keep and dump ear but I’ve told you. Only a rotten eyes 👀 will see that.

Famara Singhateh –> Barrow playing smart on UDP…Yanked Darboe to a ceremonial function Amadou Sanneh from critical ministry.. The two new ministers in to help him win votes….The rest is in the future…
Sulayman Bah –> I told my political friends at the time of the age limit on the Presidency and Vice debate that it was purposely for Hon. Darboe to be our country’s VP whilst using Mrs Fatoumatta Jallow-Tambajang. That when the dust settles, Hon. Darboe will formally assume the Vice Presidency up to the end of the 3-years Coalition agreement. That President Adama Barrow will then resign as a mark of honouring the 3-years and handover to his VP who will finish the two of the five years remaining of the constitutional mandate – 2019 to 2021. That President Barrow will then resurface in 2021 to lead the UDP to the general election. This was then and I still stand by and this reshuffle made me hopeful that President Barrow is likely to honour the Coalition 2016 agreement.

Today, we have news that Hon. Darboe is now our VP next stop …The President of the Republic of The Gambia and Commander in Chief of the Armed and Security Forces.

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