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Gambia: President Barrow Is A Disappointment!

Dear Pa,

I watched the interview of Pa Samba Jow on Star TV with Pa Nderry. I must say I entirely agree with the sentiments he expressed about the Barrow government. President Barrow should be focusing on implementing the Coalition 2016 agenda. Instead, he is using all means to perpetuate himself in power.

At a time when many governments are getting leaner, our government is getting bigger. For example, the following advisers are working at the State House alone at the expense taxpayers:

  1. Religious Adviser
  2. Investment Adviser
  3. Special Adviser
  4. Political Adviser
  5. Youth Adviser
  6. Deputy Youth Adviser

Mr. President, you have Ministers, Secretary General, Permanent Secretaries and Directors, why all these so–called advisers? Things are not working. Get rid of incompetent and redundant people from your government and start working for the Gambian people. Respect the 3-year Coalition Agreement. Otherwise, you will lose legitimacy and respect, nationally and internationally because you promised to do so. The tapes are there.

Written By Modou Faye

Freedom Newspaper

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