Gambia: President Adama Barrow to embark on nationwide tour on Monday, 16th July

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Itinerary for President’s Nationwide Tour 16th -25th July 2018

Monday 16thJuly 2018 Lower Niumi 10:30-10:45am Barra IntroductionOf Officials

And traditional


  Lower Niumi 11:00-11:45am Essau GeneralMeeting  Essau Snr Sec School
  Upper Niumi 12:30-13:30pm Aljamdou Generalmeeting Bantaba
  Lower Niumi 14:15-15:15pm Medina Serigne Mass GeneralMeeting School Grounds
  Jokadou 15:45-16:30pm Darasilami General Meeting School grounds
Tuesday 17thJuly 2018 Lower Baddibu 11:00-12:00pm Kerewan General Meeting Small Field near Governor’s office
  Central Baddibu 12:30-13:30pm Njaba Kunda General Meeting School grounds
  Illiassa Constituency 14:00-15:00pm Noo Kunda General Meeting School grounds
    15:30-16:00pm Chamen Brief stop at Gambia-Songhai Initiative  
  Illiassa Constituency 16:30-18:30pm Farafenni General Meeting  
Wednesday 18th July 2018 Saba Sanjal constituency 10:30-11:15am Njain Sanjal General meeting School grounds
  Lower Saloum 11:45:12:45pm Kaur wharf Town General meeting School grounds
    13:15-14:15hr Nioro Tukulor General Meeting Bantaba
  Niani 14:45-15:45hr Kuntaur Fula Kunda General Meeting Bantaba
  Sami 16:15-17:15hr Jarumeh Koto General Meeting School Grounds
      Janjanbureh Night Stop  
Thursday19th July 2018 Jimara 11:00-12:00hr Bakadaji General Meeting School Grounds
    12:30-13:30hr Numuyel General Meeting School Grounds
  Basse 14:00-15:00hr Sabi General Meeting School Grounds
    16:00-17:30hr Basse General Meeting Mini Stadium
      Basse Night Stop  
Friday 20thJuly 2018 Kantora 10:00-11:00hr Fatoto General Meeting School Grounds
    11:30-12:30hr Suduwol General Meeting Bantaba
    13:00-14:30hr Garawol Friday prayers Main Mosque
  Tumana 15:00-15:45hr Pirai General Meeting Bantaba
    16:15-17:15hr Kundam General Meeting Bantaba 
      Basse Night Stop  
Saturday 21st July 2018 Sandu 11:00-12:00hr Diabugu General Meeting Bantaba
  Wuli East 13:00-14:00hr Foday Kunda General Meeting Bantaba
  Wuli West 16:00-17:15hr Nyakoi General Meeting Bantaba
      Basse Night Stop  
Sunday 22nd July 2018 Upper Fulladu West 11:00-12:00hr Bansang General Meeting Car Park
  Lower Fulladu East 13:30-14:30hr Brikama Ba General Meeting Bantaba
  Niamina East 15:00-15:45hr Jarreng General Meeting Bantaba
  Jarra East 16:30-17:15hr Bureng General Meeting Bantaba
  Jarra Central 17:35-18:20hr Jappineh General Meeting Bantaba
  Jarra West 18:45-19:45hr Soma General Meeting School Ground
      Mansakonko Night Stop  
Monday 23rd July 2018 Kiang East 10:00-11:00hr Kaiaf General Meeting School Ground
  Kiang Central 11:20-12:05hr Kwinella General Meeting Bantaba
  Kiang West 12:35-13:20hr Jiffarong General Meeting Bantaba
  Foni Kansala 13:50-14:50 Bwiam General Meeting Bantaba
  Foni Bintang 15:15-16:00hr Sibanor General Meeting Bantaba
  Kombo East 16:30-17:30hr Kafuta General Meeting Bantaba
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Tuesday 24th July 2018 Kombo East 10:00-11:00hr Faraba General Meeting School Ground
  Kombo Central   Brikama General Meeting Pray Ground
  Kombo South 11:30-12:30hr Busumbala General Meeting Bantaba
  Kombo North –Busumbala 13:00-14:00 Wellingara General Meeting Bantaba
Wednesday 25th July 2018 Kombo South 10:00-11:00hr Gunjur General Meeting Car Park
  Sanementeren 11:30-12:30hr Brufut General Meeting School Ground
  Kanifing Municipality 13:00-14:00hr Serrekunda General Meeting Buffer Zone
  Banjul City 16:00-17:00hr Banjul  General Meeting Arch 22


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