Gambia: President Adama Barrow Confirms 5-Year Mandate; Put Coalition 2016 3-Year Mandate Debate to Rest

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By: Basidia M Drammeh,

President Adama Barrow has laid to rest the raging debate about the prospect of him serving out his connotationally mandated five-year term or honoring the gentleman agreement reached with members of the Coalition which stipulates a three-year transitional period.

The President has unequivocally made it clear, at many stops of his ongoing tour around the country, that whoever is interested in politicking has to wait until 2021when the next presidential election is scheduled!

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What is your take? Let’s express our opinions without trading insults or slandering each other. After all, we are all Gambians and I assume we all have the interest of the country at heart. Having divergent and convergent ideas does not necessarily mean we are enemies or rivals.

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