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Gambia: PPP don’t u guys know politics is a game,….

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BY: Kebba Ceesay.

Ths is still funny to me.. PPP don’t u guys know politics is a game, u could’ve voted for BB to do all the hard work then comes next Congress vote for papa njie!! U and I all know papa njie cannot take on the huge task.. Besides u guys think Gambia is only Serekunda, Banjul right…

Wait until he goes up country tour to Jarra,kiang,badibu,foni Basse then u will know what reality is.. Someone who cannot even beat Talib Bensouda…

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Besides I heard Papa njie cannot speak Mandinka, Fula and Jola.. How can he connect? Lmao 🤣🤣😂😜🤣😂

Remember, Jawara can speak both Mandinka and wollof fluently..

Yaya Jammeh can speak, Jola, Wollof, Mandinka and Fula fluently,

Adama Barrow can speak, Mandinka, Fula, wollof, Sarahulleh and Aku “ No English “ fluently.

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