Gambia: Potential Witness Breaks Silence Over Murdered Gambian

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Kawsu Kinteh broke his silence on the case of Lamin Tunkara, who was murdered in July 2005 along with more than 50 West African migrants trying to chase their dreams in Europe. The staffer of a local NGO, Humanity First,  has finally freed himself from an ‘unbearable burden’ by remaining mute over his encounter with Adama Tunkara.

Shortly after attending the Bring Yahya Jammeh to Justice Campaign presser, Kawsu Kinteh confided to this reporter that he met with Lamin Tunkara’s widow in 2005 while she was looking for Lawyer Borry Touray.

“She told me her husband was arrested for taking part in a planned coup d’etat,” he said. He then added: “In the midst of our conversation, someone interrupted us and warned me against getting further involved into this matter.”

Yahya Jammeh’s ‘rule of fear’ for 22 years the country with arbitrary arrests, enforced disappearances and extrajudicial killings. Citizens were accustomed to living with their trauma, and became completely tantalized to break the ‘wall of silence.’

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Kinteh said it took him years to overcome the psychological pain. “When reading a newspaper, I came across an article about today’s press conference. I did not want to miss the opportunity to meet with Adama Tunkara and share her pathetic story,” he noted.

Adama Tunkara narrated her ordeal inundated with many tears, plunging the audience into a great sadness.

Lamin  Tunkara’s widow said she was 7 months pregnant, when he was arrested and murdered by Yahya Jammeh’s death squad. She said her husband spent three days at Police HQ in Banjul before being ‘disappeared’ following his transfer to Kairaba Police Station…

Written by Abdoulie JOHN

From: Freedom Newspaper

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