Gambia Opinion: Yahya Jammeh is still rude

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By: BaKitabou Kassama,

It seems yahya jammeh is still rude
And yankuba colley is still stupid yeah.
that silly conversation was so childish and disrespectful. Jammeh still being their king, yankuba couldn’t say a word but yes sir, you are right sir, thank you sir. SMH, these were the people running our affairs; no wonder it was a one man show and he’s still dictating those folks.
And this is the first time and the last time since 2016 that yanks met and talk with Jammeh, but if he is expecting another thousands of dollars let him relax jammeh is damn stranded, I cannot get it when all these people are taking Jammeh for something else, who foresee an foretell, was he expecting his downfall, why did he refuses to step down, why was he so mad that he never meet any of his senseless boys

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