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The government is not quenching our appetites in regards to the core pledges of their campaign messages. The Gambian people are looking up to the government to direct our country’s affairs in a way that it was pledged, which excitingly induced a sense of awakening to boot out the former government electorally. Now that change is effected, what has the government did so far, to resuscitate our dying hopes, our economy, and in responding to the elementary concerns of the people?
When shall the present government in a concerted effort powered by the three arms of government facilitate and finally effectuate the electoral and constitutional amendments to fix the loopholes implanted to inject a level playing field and have power centered largely on the legislative branch as opposed to the way the constitution is structured and tailor-made to suit the president which only gobbles up power to strengthen the head of state?
Am extending an earnest call, a call that will make us work eminently together in a crusade to keep the government on their toes by reminding them continually of their pledges, to finally effectuate their core campaign promises. We must seriously take this task as a deep obligation, willful of its burden and its decisive importance.
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Much more than this, we must aim to reposition this government to give to our country a program of progressive policies and to unite us from where ever we have been divided, to strengthen freedom and to build a firm foundation for sound prosperity for all Gambians. We have learn our lessons from the past governments and must never learn them again.
57% percent of the electorates, voted against this government, the opponents outnumbered the proponents and the government must comprehend the electoral percentage, to succumb to the tenets of transparency, probity and inclusivity. We the people, must take a greater devotion to sway the government to be acutely aware of the strong opposition possessed against them to rethink and promote the principle of inclusivity and the concerns raised above, join the crusade to keep the government honest and on their toes..
Thank you..
Written By Samba P Jallow

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