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Good #news bro. God bless The Gambia with #patriotic citizens. If #VP#Fatoumata #Tambajang did that, (that is, engaging President Adama Barrow to reinstate those fired officials who remain the enemies of our dear nation ) then she too is a #Wolf in a #sheep #clothing who may want to see #President Barrow’s #government being #Wolfed by her and her fellows in the wolves kingdom. Shame on her. She would be the next to be #fired.

By: Askia Muhammed

I have noticed that The employment of Fatoumata TambaJeng as Koutcha had called her, was the beginning of the mood change since Barrow’s tenure. Gambians are known to be HYPOCRITES. Not understanding real politics will always take our steps back. Instead of saying it as it is, is only going to worsen the situation. Not many people can openly say that we don’t want her.
Everyone for themselves in The Gambia. I do not dislike the woman. I only think that she should just allow younger women to come onboard and that Barrow should not listen to any of her unfair involvements. Or she could stay there forever, but not try to bring all the herds from around the world to suffocate the government’s affairs.

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I adore her, or I used to adore her. But I need to tell the truth. People dislike her and that’ll cause the lot to disrespect her and that’s not a good sign. U Mama, let Barrow stand alone. Give him a break. Resign or go on sabbatical for a bit. See if your impact was truly what brought us to this. The anger and accusation of all sorts have become the anthem now. Oya! Nennamm dung no burdeh waddudeh frustrating. People beat around the Bush saying, summa Yaayi Xharrit la. She was also my late mother’s friend. They worked on projects my Mother run for Senegalese women in The Gambia through Mme Ndjorro Ndiaye. Mom was ahead of the Senegalese women in the Gambia and she had a big budget from Abdou Diouf to work with women.

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If I don’t want people disagreeing with my Mother Aida Mbodj, I will stop following them. Politics is like that. You can’t expect to be applauded 24/7 or liked. However, being fair is one honest thing to do. Mann damaye waxh bepparreh djexhal ci.
I am probably going to do a truck load of Astaghfirulah, Ayatal Kursiu, and plenty Salaawaat to reach home. If possible, call on my ancestors to carry me on their shoulders to be more untouchable. Like I said, I do my politic politely. People’s frustration has rubbed off on us, few of us who refused to meddle in deeply.

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Moom mi ngui employ nyiepp baayi ma teh Samma Bajen la. Konn na resign mommitt. iiish!!!!




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