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I have lived in The Gambia for over 30 years now and, from my first day in this beautiful country, I learned to appreciate the kindness of its people and the beauty of the land, its flora and fauna.

It was a common sight in those days to see all sorts of animal life along the Old Cape Road and beautiful birds all along the bund road. Regretfully, those are very rare sights today.

As an asthma sufferer, I have been thinking for quite some time to respectfully address this letter to you with regard to the pollution of our environment.

Why are we allowing the importation and sale in this country of old used cars that no one in the US or Europe allows to be running in their streets? Why are we allowing these cars to spew toxic fumes all along our streets and highways? Fumes that are carcinogenic and that are a threat to the health of citizens with respiratory problems, as well causing future health problems to those who are healthy today.

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In addition to health concerns, I would like to address the issue of safety. What has prompted me to write this letter today is the fact that while driving with my husband to work this morning, one of such old cars spewed such a large quantity of fumes that we were not able to see anything in front of us. Such a situation could have easily become a terrible highway accident!

The National Environment Agency should and must raise the alarm and ensure that our environment is kept free of pollutants for our future generations and that driving in this country does not become a safety hazard.

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