Gambia Opinion: President Adama Barrow Might Form His Own Party ……

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By: Sadibou Badjie Bajagarr‎,

Earlier Yesterday, President Barrow secretly(without Darboe’s notice) received in audience a high profile delegation of former and current APRC bigwigs at State House. The meeting amongst a host of other issues was meant to discuss on the way forward of the Barrow Youth Movement. The delegation which comprises of former Aprc MP for Lower Nuimi Mam Cherno Jallow, Jehwang and Bundung constituency Chairpersons was accompanied by former Aprc spokesman Seedy Njie and New Advicer on Youths Matters Hon Henry Gomez to State House.
Barrow is surely set to go all by himself by parting company with the UDP, reasons why he hired former Aprc Technocrats to hit the ground running.
Best of Luck with your new political party Mr President!

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