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By: Mustapha Jallow,

“Halifa was right when he said the Gambia had a government change and not a systematic one”
To add to what the great man of knowledge,wisdom and integrity Halifa Sallah said, i can say this: That the Gambia did not even have a government change at all…

With the help of President Adama Barrow, the Mafia group that helped Jumus Jammeh ruined the Gambia and her people are back again in full control of the “supposedly new government”. Absolutely, nothing has change whatsoever except few exceptions including Barrow himself created to give the public false impression of a new administration.

What Gambia have today is called (Njiiro, kafung Kafung & ku racha taye sa kanam) government. Some FAKE journalists who are so proud to identify themselves with political parties and are so upfront with their love for the President and his government on social media platforms and bias forums. These wanna be journalists who don’t even understand what their responsibilities are will never discuss or bring topics of corruption on their platforms if the person accuse come from their side or political camp. Each time corruption matters to them or becomes a subject of discussion is when the person involve is from the opposing side of the aisle.

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What the Gambia don’t need now is fake journalists who feel they have a responsibility or duty to vigorously defend the Government, members of the government or politicians whenever a controversial issue arises.
We don’t need people who presents themselves as journalists to act as mouthpieces of the Government or members of the Government for that matter. Unless, if they are not independent professional journalists but are political commentators. There’s a difference between an independent journalists and a political commentator. Majority of Gambians who call themselves journalists “ntemu journalissoleti” and have their dubious platforms and forums all over social media are commentators.
Real journalists don’t report speculations and don’t take sides. They also should not have a political agenda in their reporting.

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A ‘commentator” don’t need facts, all they do is fabricate lies, create hatred and divisions within the society. Their earnings and political agenda depends on doing so.

The level of institutional corruption if not higher still remains the same in the Gambia The very criminals that are to be investigated by genuine commissions and thrown behind bars are being rewarded and reappointed thanks to President Barrow. Appointing criminals,thieves and torturers to head key positions and commissions is a mockery and a slap in the face of everyone who either sacrifice their lives, contribute or participated in the uprooting of Jumus Jammeh. Some of these criminals who were reappointed by Barrow are using the opportunity to wipe out some of their past major crimes if not all to rewrite history. Since no one holds them accountable for their past crimes.

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The truth is: President Barrow does not really care about the poor Gambians and those who fought to give him the chance to become President today. Since he became President the only people he look out for and care about are himself, the rich and the big business people.

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