Gambia Opinion: President Adama Barrow Ban APRC right now!

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By: Badger Modou Muhamed,

How on earth Yaya Jammeh is devising plans to obstruct peace and tranquility in The Gambia while hiding in Equatorial Guinea.
Yaya Jammeh is in frequent contact with party executives and some of his supporters in our security forces with tight lips. He is also in contact with his sympathizers in Cassamance.

I said this before and I will say it again. Rambo Jatta didn’t merely say Yaya will come back to rule this nation, but he is privy to some sinister moves devised by Jammeh and his people.
We shouldn’t allow this bandit group to cook their plans for only to be ripped at the detriment of our masses.
Let’s ban aprc for our common good.

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Yaya Jammeh killed and maimed our citizens but still want to see this country in havoc together with his so call disciples who refer him “supreme leader”
Please, President Barrow ban aprc so that they can realize that you mean business.

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