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Apparently, it is only the new Gambia that allows the people to speak freely and criticise the government without fear. To be candid nobody would think of forming a group like dafadoy and take to the street to demonstrate against Yahya Jammeh’s government. If that is happening now in the new Gambia what do you make of Barrow’s government? For me, it is a government with a different.

The president says he doesn’t want the country to go back to dictatorship. If the president had known that the Faraba incident would claim lives, he would have done all it takes to prevent it.

I have a feeling that he felt bad about what happened in the village of Faraba as I listened attentively to the speech he gave when he held a meeting with the people. I am impressed and elated to hear from the president that his government will thoroughly investigate the incident and bring to book anyone found wanting.

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I totally agree with the president that the Gambia is one big family and that we should come together as one people to move the country forward in terms of development. It is Allah who makes someone a leader. Even Barrow himself had never dreamed of becoming a president.

It was the will of God to have him as the president of the Gambia. Folks, hence the people can demonstrate to show their grievances against the government without hindrance, I think it should be done in a peaceful manner. Let us avoid violent demonstration that may lead to the destruction of properties.

The government has created the environment where everybody can exercise his or her freedom without fear. Let us Cherise the freedom that we all fought to end dictatorship in the country. Let us enjoy the freedom. We are blessed!

By: Musa Jobarteh

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