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By: Jallow Mathew

I just received an audio of Ousainou Darboe addressing UDP supporters and telling them to be steadfast in their support. He further stated that the Gambia now has a Coalition government, but his desire is to have an exclusively UDP government. Finally, he stated that after the month of Ramadan, they will embark on creating an exclusive UDP government. The Ramadan ended last month, and now we have all these sackings and devotions this week?

It makes you wonder whether these sackings by President Barrow have anything to do with the larger ambitions of a UDP government. I am beginning to think something suspicious is going on behind the scene. There seems to be a nexus between Ousainou Darboe’s audio and the firings. This seems too neat to be coincidental.


Kawsu Koringbaa Sanyang Matt I can tell you the audio is totally unrelated to the reshuffle, knowing Ousainou he wouldn’t do such a thing, he was referring to his desire to installed an all UDP government which is every political party’s ambition, the audio was widely available even before anyone thinks about Barrow’s move to reshuffle the cabinet, there are folks out there playing politics with it do not fall for their trick it is all concocted.

Lamin Tamba Install an all-UDP government after Ramadan? How funny! Was there a presidential election after Ramadan, for UDP to install an all-UDP government? Mathew Jallow, please tell this fellow to keep pace!

Alhagi Alex Kebbeh Premeditated…planned & executed!…but its not wise to remove the rafters of a sinking ship.

Sait Matty Jaw Uncle Mathew. I Guess all the vacant posts would have gone to the UDP? Has it? I think the only new addition is Sillah. If not, guess the plan was to start working on winning the next presidential election. That is the only way to make it a UDP government. For now I think the game is control and run by Barrow.

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Jallow Mathew I hope so, Sait.

Nancy Sawo Go to sleep

Sait Matty Jaw Nancy Sawo woo Nancy.. mbula bang

Bala Musa Sait, I am really impressed with your comprehension of Darboe’s language. Thanks for breaking it down. On point!!!


Sait Matty Jaw Bala Musa Thanks Bro. Heard the speech but my understanding of the language is very weak. But based on Uncle Mathew’s post, I don’t think he was in anyway referring to having a UDP government right now. It does not make sense to me and I don’t think that was the intention. All political parties want to form the next government but to say that you gonna transform a coalition government to a UDP one.. nor too easy..

Pata PJ Sait, Darboe never hide his desire to have the UDP form the next Govt. Every political rally he had, he made that clear. Remember when they said he threatened UDP NAMs with a sack? Remember his numerous invitations to let in APRC voters in the UDP?

Yunus Hydara But who is enjoying the fruits of standing by Mrs. Tambajang now? Hah. I agree, his message is being wrongly interpreted. Pata PJ


Pata PJ Lol Yunus, that’s hilarious. The fruit is the VP job? 🤔


Sait Matty Jaw Pata PJ yes, that’s why could not get the argument…. but you very right..

Yunus Hydara Pata PJ Yep, there is nothing cooler than being driven in that adequately air conditioned VP 1. Your man will soon start to gain some micro grams in weight.

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Pata PJ Yunus Hydara lmao. We’d watch his weight. But nah, Darboe for 22 years, been going to Gambia to trust him with SH1

Pata PJ Sait, it’s quite silly


Fatou Sagnia Buuut.. it’s pretty much already a UDP govt..How much more UDP can it get? Unless he wants to get rid of every last non- udp folk…which is the only way you can get an exclusive UDP govt.

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To be fair, if he meant for an exclusive UDP govt for the nex…See More

Jallow Mathew The predisposition to party loyalty far exceeds loyalty to the state. And that has always marred Africa’s ability progress. The objective to win it all contradicts the tenets of the democratic state..


Ahmed Manjang I heard the audio, and I was disturbed by the content. The lawyer has to be grateful to the Gambians


Eddy Saine Sr. Why don’t you post the audio so we can listen to it and draw our own conclusions. If it’s true Barrow should call for a new presidential elections and every Tom, Dick and Harry or Jane for him/her self.

Baseedy Ceesay Could you share the audio/video here please?

Jallow Mathew I dont know how to forward it from message.

Baseedy Ceesay then send it to me and would confirmed here that Lawyer Darboe did say these statements?


Yankuba Darboe Jallow Mathew,the prudent thing you should’ve done was to make available,the audio/video you are referencing.without that it’s gonna be hard to make sense of whatever it is that you alluding to,knowing your constant and incessant lies that you always spew on Darboe and this government.


Baseedy Ceesay Mbading, you see, most Gambians are easily beguiled.. This is not the first time, Mr. Jallow claimed that he could not send messages from the Messenger.. We should scrutinise these people before buying what they have been trying to sell..

Yankuba Darboe Baseedy Ceesay I am not quite sure what Kanna intellectual Mr Jallow is. He tend to have very good command of the language,English. The thing is,the substance is mostly flawed,contradictory,inconsistent and full of lies.


Babou Sarr I don’t understand Darboe’s strong desire for an exclusive UDP government? The Gambian people voted for a coalition government when you were in jail, so why go against the wishes of the people? Lukor fee jarr? I now believe that if he wasn’t in jail, we won’t have a coalition and Jammeh will still be oppressing us. Buga ngurr torop. “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Madi Ceesay That’s what it’ is he said it


Cedric Ceballos I believe he was talking in terms of the next election cycle and not the current government as he clearly stated. Which makes a whole lot of sense as they all aspire to the same thing. I don’t read any ambiguity in his statements as it is emphatically clear to all UDP what the goal is.

Kaiteh Mansaring Kaiteh Totally Misinterpretation


Abdoulie Ceesay Hahaha, their is no coalition government is UDP. Look he is the father to Barrow or the father still need the sit


Ebrima Jobe Mathew Jallow you are too old for such


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