Gambia Opinion: I Like Lawyer Darboe’s Challenge to those opposed to his VP Appointment

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By: Abdulrahman Bah

I like the way VP Ousainou Darboe responded to the allegations that he is not qualified for the office of Vice President of the Republic of The Gambia owing to his previous conviction; not so much for his analysis of the position of the law with regards to same, but for pointing out that those aggrieved by his appointment should ventilate their grievances in court.

It is axiomatic to state that the Gambia’s constitution is the least tested in the world. How often have we heard legal pundits say this and that is unconstitutional without resorting to taking any legal action. We Gambians are just fond of making noise on legal issues on social media without any intention of walking the walk by filing a suit at the Supreme Court for redress.

It’s the very reason why our jurisprudence is paper thin. We always have to rely on foreign decisions for guidance even for bail applications.

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Sheriffo Jobarteh Indeed, the court is the best place for such grievances to settled the matter once and for all so that if it happens in future there would be a precedent to that effect.

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Paa Amady Jallow Very fitting response.

Lamin K Sonko We done want to see the standing position of a lawyer’s in court. Many pretend to know the law but they done want to walk into the house of the law.

Simeon Ateh Abi Learned Counsel, I must applaud your courage. Your write ups are direct and legally unassailable. One thing I agree with you entirely on is the lack of “testing the law” in The Gambia. I am witness to when you and some of your colleagues came into practice and I have severally encountered “legal luminaries” who are afraid to test the law even on elementary matters. It is up to people like you to change this status quo.


Lelora Ehjeerho Austen Ahh constitutional matters from the moon 😏

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