Gambia: Opinion: Barrow’s government has betrayed the hopes and expectations of Gambians!

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Pa, I read your piece  on OJ’s opinion about the state of the country and Tangara’s appointment as Foreign Minister..  A well written summary!

O.J. is  100 % right.  Barrow’s government has betrayed the hopes and expectations of Gambians.
Furthermore, President Barrow has promoted nepotism at the expense of  merit.  Appointing
Ambassador Tangara Foreign Minister  is an insult to Ministry of Foreign  Affairs staff , the many Gambian intellectuals  who fought for years for Jammeh’s exit and  can assume the position of Minister of Foreign Affairs.
The saddest part in all of this is Tangara has been rumored to play a role in the latest government
Reshuffle.  An audio is going around  in social media alleging Tangara reported to The President some information that led to the sacking of  Ms. Tambajang as Vice President . Whether or not  that is true, there is a huge problem in appointing Tangara as a Minister of Foreign Affairs and Gambians abroad. He just does not deserve it because of his long standing with dictator Jammeh  and his lack of charisma.  He did not leave President Jammeh until after the  boat started sinking.  Tangara defended Jammeh regime in the international community for years . No Gambian can see what Tangara has ever done for the Gambian population.
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The Gambian  Mission at The U.N is marred by scandals .  Tangara will not have any legitimacy in in the eyes of MOFA -GA  staff . A  lot of money  generated by the issuance of visas at the Gambian U.N Mission has been embezzled.  Both Tangara  and his non-gambian secretary  know very well what has been happening  for years.  Instead of  being  punished for mismanagement, Tangara is being rewarded for  allegedly snitching on the VP.
This government has disappointed most of us, including hard-working civil servants and don’t be surprised to see a lot of leaks in the upcoming weeks, and months.
I am calling upon all Gambians to care about our country and not to despair. We can still change the state of affairs in  a peaceful and democratic manner .
Written By Ousman  Sanneh

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