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BY: Joe Sambou

Gambians, we cannot sweep under the rug the shuffle, corruption allegations and cover-up. So, we need to get to the bottom of why:

OJ was accused in connection with Fertilizer Gate and subsequently relived/fired?

Was Tambajang relieved/fired in connection to Fertilizer Gate? Remember, she held us hostage for the VP position and usurped it fraudulently before they amended the constitution to officially hand it to her.

DA Jawo called out Amadou Sanneh and washed his hands and all but called Sanneh a thief only to be relieved/fired.

Amadou Sanneh was outed by DA and the Min. of Justice acknowledge that something went on without providing specifics. So, why is DA relieved/fired, and Amadou moved to head another ministry? Does Amadou have protection and DA not?

Henry, the new and Gawel for Barrow was relieved of his misery after his star performance at the Assembly and the countless per diem and reimbursement allegations against his conduct. What do you expect to get making someone a minister with the name Chokerr?

Why was Mai Fatty fired? We all know the man is crooked alright. But every devil has his due. What did he do to be fired? For both Mai and Barrow to be still tight-lipped about it shows that it is something very compelling. Our journalists have failed us again.

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Why would Ouseinou and Barrow make Mambouray Njie a minister, finance of all places? The same Mambouray that was with Yaya, murders and all, until he got his share of Yaya, the evil? Some tell us he championed against the executions the reason why he was jailed by his patron. How many people were murdered before and after the execution of the prisoners? Did Mambouray say a word about the countless others? Mambouray is answerable to a commission on financial crimes against his patron, Yaya, so why is he in government. Did Ouseinou take Mambouray under his wings while in prison, the reason for this appointment? Is that how we should run our affairs.

Why is Tangara a minister as an enabler for Yaya? He was the face of Yaya to the outside world. It is utter nonsense to hail him as a one of a kind statesman. It is pure rubbish folks. We have plenty of capable and educated folk to nan any post in our government, yet, this very foolish government continues to assault our intelligence. This is all after Yama nekh and collusion. There is a close connection between these enablers and Darboe 

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and Barrow.


So, these are the things that a people must demand explanation or understanding to evaluate this government and the schemes they implement. We must be in the habit of getting to the bottom of muddy waters in our affairs. Don’t want to hear that nonsense about the president has the authority to hire and fire. That is Psychophancy and foolish talk. We, the people always reserve the right to know what is going on in our government. We need to quit that looser mindset of hailing those we elect to be beyond reproach. We ask that of our adopted governments, so why can’t we do the same with this our government? Instead of talking about Trump this and Trump that, you have your own caseload with Adama Barrow and Darboe Darboe to deal with.

Finally, the ones retained, are they doing a stellar job, the reason they are retained? None of them did zilch, so, what is their retention based on? Is it a case of they needed some monkeys anyway, and any would do?

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Abdouchaya Nyangha Joe Sambou –> thanks.centuries of the hegemony of one of history most murderous feudal ruling classes from the pre-colonial era to date have bred this cancer of parasitism, opportunism,deception, deceit, betrayal, and treachery. Without a qualitative diagnosis of this epidemy and its historical development, Our people run the risk of a quicker return to barbarism given the present aggressive competition of different factions of the parasitic tribal opportunist not only in the Gambia but all over Africa.The people who classify themselves as Democrats and progressives must as a matter of urgency engage is self-critical diagnosis and impact evaluation to be able to fulfill their historic responsibility in a qualitative and democratic dialogue to find a collective proposal of a WAY FORWARD if not the risk of Gambia sliding into violent chaos is inevitable.TIME IS RUNNING OUT

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