Gambia: OJ Vs Kerr Fatou

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By: Jallow Yerro N.,

GPU in Solidarity with Kerr Fatou But………….

I am not in support of OJ neither Kerr Fatou, however, OJ has every right to challenge the issue of fertilizer scandal in court if enough evidence cannot be produced. One cannot slander by deformation of someone’s character in the name of press freedom. How many insults OJ received on social media, Let us be fair to man and the best thing kerr fatou should have done is to withdraw the publication and apologies to OJ if they cannot produce enough evidence. The Law is here for everybody. Goto court in solidarity but the law must take it course. The court shall decide who is right. Gambia Press Union has every reason to stand by any journalist in any case but I believed the right of the victim should also be respected as well.


OJ is a politician and a private citizen and he has every right to seek redress in court. He has no authority neither holding any influential position in government. Intact what is even more worrying and unfair is that some guys are dramatizing the civil suit referring it to as an attack on the press. What attack are they talking about! My question is, Can a journalist defame anyone without the person seeking redress in court? Now that we are in a democratic state, we should be careful as journalists in the way we defend our colleagues especially when it involved private citizens.I wouldn’t have made this comments if OJ was still a minister or holding a top position in government then guys can say its attack on Press freedom.GPU should be careful or else they might lost the battle. Let just guide our actions towards the common good.


Amadou Badjie if she’s guilty let her go to prison….UDP journalists, next time she will learned to be truthful.
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Kabuka John Barabossa They talk beyond their limits
Muhammed Jobarteh O J accused Darboe and Barrow of many things here which rendered so much disrespect against the elders without no evidence and no one took him to court. Why would he feel affected when a jounalist question his actions.
Nboy Nboy You said kerrfatu should withdraw the publication and apologies to oj, but if I may ask you did the former president Yaya jammeh apologies gambians a dictator a killer who killed our people for twenty two years,and I think you hear it over the air that ojjallow said he has forgiving Yaya jammeh,so why can’t he forgive kerrfatu before going to court my brother oj is a pretender dnt mine him the state thief
Ebrima Manneh That’s the heart fact Mr jallow
Abdou Aziz Sarr Freedom of the press / speech goes with professionalism and responsibility. Let the courts decide.
Modou Drammeh GPU should revoke some of this so-called journalists from the union. Free press doesn’t mean spreading false news.

Ebrahim Jawara O.J is as corrupt as all the former PPP ministers and senior civil servants,they were all corrupt that was what create Yahya Jammeh and his APRC evils,O.J. need to go and retire
Musa SoweMusa and 142 others joined Gambia Youth And Women’s Forum within the last two weeks. Give them a warm welcome to your community! O.J vs KERR U.D.P good luck to o.j may God be with you to teach those so called journalist a great lessons so that next time they will never allows themselves to be use by the United disgruntled party aka u.d.p

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