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by: Adama Baba Njie
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Since they are deleting comments:-
First, who is Manasi? If you have the time to pour out your pain in such a long piece why don’t you muster the courage to directly address Barrow. Since yu started with OJ’s firing, it’s clear that’s your main contention with the Barrow administration is his firing. Missy, do not lose sight that he was accused of corruption. If the allegations against him are untrue, that joke of a press conference is grossly inadequate if the aim was to clear his name. O.J. needs to do more on that regard.

Second: Your dishonest assessment of Darboe’s conduct and the endearments “Darboe Jula” is not lost on us. Just when you think some people in the Diaspora have clean intentions they show you their buttocks. But first, let me look at the purpose of this piece. Because it’s surely not clear to me. Are you all up in arms because your favorites have been dumped? Or is it the alleged corruption you want to address? If so you have also failed woefully on both counts. Massaging Darboe’s ego with the deceitful endearments Darboe Jula is too thin a facade to fool anyone. We all know what Darboe has done that brought us the accidental menace that you hating on so much now that your useless play at humor does very little to mask. My lady with the beautiful smile try honesty next time. It works best. Be honest with your opinions and emotions, we sense horse shit when it is dished.

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Thirdly: Your assertion that Madame tambajan aning nettotoo will bounce back is left to Gambians. A dangerous snake with lipstick and armed with quranic verses is still a dangerous snake and I’m sure Gambians know quite well who she is by now. What I find reeking of insincerity is the statement “sa dorm be mbong la”. Is Tambajang innocent in this debacle? Do they think they have more brain cells than Barrow?

These are but a few issues with an otherwise well-written article. The undertones of hypocrisy is what gets to me. I hope you do beautiful rejoinder for me addressing what I pointed out. Thanks, Fatou Network for sharing this piece. It’s a misplaced reaction but not without merits.

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