Gambia: My Pr0blem With Yahya Jammeh’s Le@ked Audio With APRC

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By: Lamin S. Drammeh,

The audio circulating in social media where former president Jammeh is discussing with APRC party executives should not be taken lightly. Yaya Jammeh is not only a potential threat to the Gambia but a real one who must never be under rated.

We all know who Yaya Jammeh is. That being the case our security services should do their job. They must not wait for people to tell them what to do in this case.

We are watching.


Kabiru Musa Darboe —>

Is Yahya Jammeh a security Threat or not and Do we really have competent Secret Services in this country ? There is a reason why the guy was sent on exile . Come on now . He’s allowed to be communicating freely with people inside the country and discussing about money.

Bubacarr Sidiqi Jammeh —->> Yet again our failure to rein in a demoralized APRC dealt cult when we could have is proving to be a costly mistake. Jammeh and his unrepentant minions mocking us once again.
Yusupha Sama  —->> I wander what Yankuba Colley, MA Bah, Seedy njie and others said to Barrow when they met him and what Yaya jammeh and Yankuba kolley are saying on the audio. By now barrow will know his true lovers.
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Kawsu Koringbaa Sanyang  —->> Eden Sharp you didn’t listen to the whole audio according to Yahya the Baddibunkas are in constant contact with him, he even moved the Jegg society to Kerewan. On a serious note Jammeh and his enablers are really bad and evil, this government needs to stop appeasing them as if they are the only capable Gambians.

Alaji Ndure —->> Hearing Lie Saine saying Gambians owe the despot an apology is blood-boiling. But I guess these people are reinforced in their belief that they were doing things right, by this government continuing to hire Jammeh’s people.

Hamad Omar Sallah —->> There in lies the problem. This government in hiring Jammeh enablers have, by extension, exonerated them from the crimes they unforgivingly perpetrated against our people and country. The government is complicit in emboldening the APRC to plot disaster against this government and it’s people bro !!!


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