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My thoughts! Nothing personal! Strictly on merits and fun!

For starters, am ok with Mamburay Njie’s appointment for ONE reason! It shows a sign of us as Gambians, respecting Intellectual Property, and giving credit where it is due! Since Manasi thinks we need reconciliation before the jury is out, let’s talk about your brainchild!

If we all remember PAGE Gambia (Program for Accelerated Growth and Employment 2012-2015), we will understand. We said it when Manasi’s NDP came out. NDP being a photocopy of PAGE, it only makes sense to bring the brains behind it! Like I said before, what one writes or shared is just a snippet of the power behind it and typically to make it work, the brains or engineer of the ideas MUST implement them for higher success rate. Like Wolof would say, lu yengou, li kor yengal la kor opa dor ley! If you are going to “copy” someone, at the very least give them credit! 😂

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To be taken seriously and to actually move from underdeveloped to developed, we MUST be serious in sometimes taken the road less travelled and be a bit original in our endeavors. The stagnancy and constant photocopying has regressed us enough! One starts ebbeh or gromsoup, the whole neighborhood starts one while bragging “mine’s better”! Just be you and stay in your lanes Gambians!!!!!

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As for the idea behind it, straight up consolidation and a lame attempt at block Sanneh from further completing mansion. BUT Prophet Excellency ain’t no saint when it comes to corruption either! He prolly wants us to think UDP was getting funding from the Ministry, NOT! 😂 Sanneh on the other hand, though not clean, knows Manasi is part of most deals and spoke to Manasi about his concerns with “spending”. Though his mansion will be lit! 😂With Manasi, you chop and be quiet!!🤐


As for OJ, that hurts (this one is personal)! He was one of the very few members of Cabinet, NOT erecting Mansion or “enjoying” the posts bit too much from our coffers! Honesty and respect all the way! His only crime? Openly saying he will resign after three years, that “gorr cha baatam “ phrase, didn’t sit well with Manasi! 😢

Henry Gomez, boy bye😂. The BYM (Barrow Youth Movement) awaits you for perpetual tassu you roumbouch pooch. Long overdue along with Saffie Lowe Ceesay (gurl bye)!

Darboe Jula (another one with clean wrap sheet when it comes to corruption)! NO Mansion or such, am cool with your position too because………. hahahahaha 🤐. Don’t want Manasi to see this post and tass su ma yakarr! Bayi len kor si pakh be! This will work in our favor In Shaa Allah with Darboe at the Helm!🤛🏾. With you as an option, Manasi du guiss ngelew sahk😂.
My only ask, please have either, Adelaide Sosseh, Sali Jawara, Oli Dibba or one of the other formidable Gambian Women to be in charge of Women’s Affairs, our Affairs need a woman😎

Madam Tambajang, sa dorm be mbong la😢. You’ll bounce back. You were becoming too powerful and threatening for your son, Manasi. He could have put you in Foreign Ministry as you wanted and no one will be the wiser. This wasn’t a bold nor smart move for him. Now his cards are out for all to see! He fumbled BIGLY!

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D.A. Jawo, Mawdo, am glad you said you “weren’t surprised”! As information Minister, half the time you were in the dark. You were just there for show, to fill a spot. It was Ebrima’s post, to begin with. I think it was to show brief gratitude for being elder journalist and your work during the struggle. You were always fumbling and going backwards to catch the ball! Besides, no offense but Ebrima speaks better. Am bit biased, Ebrima is my inlaw!:)

Dibba, another honest one. Your crime? Being a member of UDP. Again Manasi thinks your position was a huge advantage to UDP. Will stop there.

Musa THE Man Drammeh!!! Haha! Barrow woo Barrow! Your ground game just took the first steroid pill in Drammeh! Manasi thinks your grassroots ground game will trump UDPs!! NOT!!!!! 😂

Dr. Touray, you GOT this! Health will be great if you work with Samateh at RVTH. I wanted you elsewhere but am also cool with you here. Make us proud! The patients and Doctors need you badly!!!!

Your choice, laugh or learn. 😎😂 BTW,

RIP Coalition 2016
D.O.B October 2016, D.O.D, June 29th, 2018! 😢


SOURCE: The Fatu Network


Bemba Bayo  –>I think it’s wrong to appoint him at this time , I knew he is a good man I was told long time he never like jammeh and he is not doing wrong doing for him , but that are just words we should wait for the finding of the comission. Antony general should reject him as they did to some of Donald trump appointees, my humble president try to respect the nation laws without favoure that will make every citizen to respect the laws .

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Saul Darboe  –>What’s this woman talking about?Where on earth,somebody who is a professional thief n facing d commission,could be appointed as a minister.?

Lamin Bah  –>Before commenting read and understand well with language she is demonstrating, many of u read only first paragraph and started to comments

Adama Baba Njie  –>PS: I did not know that the only indicator for corruption is building mansions. Nepotism and backroom deals are not an aspect of corruption if we are to go by your piece without a clearly defined goal. Hypocrisy is a serious disease. Pharceutical companies should start making pills for it. Those who are savaged in this piece should not be worried. See who the piece is promoting and guard your peace. This is trifling!

Ebrima Fatajo  –>Highly hipocritical is Mambury is the only qualified person for the post? And what is your definition of reconciliation? He must face the commission about his dealings with Jammeh.His appointment is seen as an insult rather than reconciliation.then stop insulting us.

Edie Baldeh –> Can’t remember enjoying a piece like this one..it’s humorous, factual and on point!

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