Gambia: My open letter to VP Ousainou Darboe

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Dear VP Ousainou Darboe

History Beckons- To leave a bigger, indelible footprint on the sands of time or To be the man who ruins the hopes and Expectations of his people

If any Gambian has ever been well placed in The Gambia’s recent political history to ensure The Gambia becomes that beacon of hope, bulwark for human rights, citadel against tyranny, dream fulfilled, future worth looking forward to, it is you Hon. AMN Ousainou Dabo, our Vice President.

A look at our party political leaders who have shaped our political history since independence, for good and worst, tells me you are uniquely placed, over and above the other giants. Jawara was party leader and President. He enjoyed this dual position, singly and unopposed, until his ouster in 1994. Yaya was party leader and President. Like his predecessor, he too enjoyed these two positions until his booting out at the Dec 2016 elections. Jawara and Jammeh combined two powers, party and constitutional. They were very powerful, de jure and de facto.

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To a greater extent, they acted upon; they were not acted upon. Who was there for them to influence, to change the course of events or to take action or make decisions in the interests of the people? The buck stayed on their desks. In fact Jammeh told us he had no adviser.

Unlike Jawara and Jammeh, you are party leader who is not the President. You are the leader of the largest political party in The Gambia. Your party forms the majority in the National Assembly. Your party governs in all the local government authorities except one. To all intents and purposes, it is your political party which is in charge of the government.

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This fact “leader of the biggest political party who is not president” is a vantage point, placing you strategically to influence actions, decisions and results in the Greater interest of the whole people. You were “power behind the scene”. Now that you are our Vice President, your power to influence is immeasurable. You are the leader of the party of the President and our Vice President. Yours is a huge mandate and confidence. Your are not just Vice President, you are the principal officer of the President, his chief advisor. Your role is not just to warn, encourage and advise.


History has uniquely placed you to influence the course of our development, to ensure that we are on the right track to our land of Canaan, that cornucopia so promised by the National Development Plan. You are uniquely placed as UDP leader and Vice President to ensure that the national interest and the public weal become the focus of the Government. You are not just Vice President, you are also President in waiting. To serve the whole nation. …………… read the rest of the full story here:

My open letter to VP Ousainou Darboe



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