Gambia: Must Read Analysis of Yahya Jammeh’s Le@ked Conversation With APRC Excecutives

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By: Jallow Yerro N.

Former Mayor Yankuba Colley admitted Jammeh given him USD10,000.

I have listened to Jammeh’s leaked audio between him and APRC executives specifically Fabakary Tombong Jatta and Yankuba Colley. In fact, I was reliably informed that all the APRC Executives were present at the time of the call. It’s an 8mins audio with Jammeh doing most of the talks. Both FTJ and Yankuba were submissive calling Jammeh yes sir, yes sir.At some point Yankuba admitted Jammeh gave him 10,000usd in their last meeting at state house however in a jovial tune FTJ said to Jammeh that the Jeggs/Ladies has finished all the money given to Colley.Honestly, I don’t trust tthese people maybe there is something going on that’s the Gambian people don’t know, maybe Jammeh is even communicating with some securities and the Cassamance rebels. Jammeh’s frequent calls in the country shouldn’t be taken lightly by the authorities it can be a potential security threat’s. It’s like this people are playing with the security of the country. The Janneh commission should go after him to cough out our stolen USD10,000.

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