Gambia: Musa Jeng please give us a break! Stop lying about Mai Fatty!

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Musa Jeng please give us a break!

How dare you to challenge Mai Fatty for what he requested; asking for an explanation as to the reasons he was fired. You’re nobody to say any bad stuff about Mai.
You’re revealing your inefficiency to be an adviser to our president. You see a presidential adviser should be someone who is: calculative, gathered, decisive, progressive, intuitive, knowledgeable and be respectful.
Musa Jeng, you shouldn’t be near our president much more to advise him about anything on any issue. 

You see Musa Jeng , you’re revealing some secrets that are going on in our state house. You’re not someone who can keep secrets in that State House.
In your rambling about Honorable Mail Fatty, we now know the reasons why he was pushed aside.
According to you Musa Jeng the reasons Mai was pushed aside are:

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1 Red carpet treatment
2 High security around him(sweepers)
3 Abused his power… what power?

Or is it about Mai Shouting at Ba Tambedu ?

Hey Musa! If you have anything against Mai please bring it on!

What house?
Bring it on! You can’t take this man down. We just happened to love our president Adama Barrow otherwise…..

BY: Badger Modou Muhamed

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