Gambia: Maximum penalties for Yahya Jammeh’s Associates.

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By: Badger Modou Muhamed ,

We cannot know the extent of damages these criminals caused this country The Gambia.

These greedy beasts were syphoning the economy of The Gambia for selfish ends. I can’t believe a head of state(Yaya jammeh) will collaborate with international criminals to destroy his own country; this is pathetic. 
Yaya jammeh, Amadou Samba, Muhammed Bazzi, Fadi George Magazi, Toni Ghatazz, Edward Graham, Prince Sanyang, former managing director of Gamtel Babucarr Sanyang, Amadou Kolley; these are the criminal associates(syndicate)of Yaya James Jammeh

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. They helped jammeh destroy out economy.

Now they are using the loots; hire crooked and greedy lawyers with no remorse defending them.
Profession is one thing, but defending a dishonest client is a moral issue.
These crooks and morons should realize that no legal experts(defense team) can defend them in any situation.
Please bring back our money greedy fools

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