Gambia: Mama Kandeh has to put his house in order or else….

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By: Jallow Yerro N.‎,

Mama Kandeh has to put his house in order or else more resignations will follow. Three key prominent people have already left the GDC party. Essa Jallow was first to leave, followed by Musa Bachilly and just recently Pa Njie Giri Gara. They both lamented their dissatisfaction and the manner Kandeh in running GDC.

Kandeh is running GDC like his home one of them said. What is even more interesting is that Kandeh is not what he thinks he is, according to Pa Njie he personally sponsored Kandeh’s 2016 election with more than D2m from his own pocket. Most of them have realized that GDC has no future and for them to survive they need to quit. Gambian politics is dirty and is all about interest and job hunting.

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