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Gambians are very resilient. It’s awe-inspiring how the nation united and triumphed over tragedy. Yet, as a people, our collective tragedy must not provoke us into inflicting collective victimization. The Gambia Police Force as a corporate entity, should not be dehumanized. There are many decent, fine men & women in the Force who sacrifice for our nation each day and night, with poor pay, scarce resources & under extremely challenging circumstances.

They should be provided with the needed resources, reorientation training, better working conditions and motivation. More than ever, we must commit ourselves to fully implementing the security sector reform (SSR) program initiated during my tenure, with technical assistance and multilateral funding support. The Police Force as an institution is not our enemy.

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Riff Ceesay –> Wonderful deliberations from Hon. Mai Ahmad Fatty. This is what is all about the betterment of the recent and future police force.
Therefore, If we change our primitive syndromes, by the way we select for promotions and peace mission deployments. The attitude of tribalism, nepotism and corruption, by putting square pegs in round holes in our sensitive command structures which were even the causes of many police brutalities during the previous regime and the recent one, these trends will keep on occurring unless and until international experts come in to our favour to reform the whole security system like how Liberia is been helped by the UN and other international organisations. Until then the alluta continues.

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