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  1. Mr. President our condolence is going to the people from Faraba who have just been killed for standing up for their environment! This government has blood on its hands. It seems that the war for a healthy environment has just begun. Please protect your people, don’t slaughter them. – @GreenWWarriors
  2. Adama Barrow is a clueless President.
    Things are running him instead of him.
    Very useless President – Jatabaa Bulba Mansa
  3. Innocent peoples have been killed by government for saying no to selfish peoples if you think the Gambians will allow you to kill our people think again justice for  – 
  4. dis Adama barrow government is not only one Man you go and kill people in my village farba Banta ..too sad –
    Lamin Daffeh
  5. My middle finger to the coalition government once again…
    Adama Barrow issa a coward…..
    RIP to the fallen soldiers of #Faraba_Bantang – Basserian Dudu Jallow 
  6. Adama Barrow come out and talk. We want to see immediate action taken against your security forces.
    #RAGE# Are we having another Yaya Jammeh in the making? – Dabo Charty
  7. Adama barrow tested the sweetness of that sugercane in state house..he will kill anybody who want to take him out there.note that – Honest Gambian Pa Manneh
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  8. This heinous crime must never go unpunished !!! Shame on you Adama Barrow !! Shame on your Interior Minister !!! Shame on your IGP !!! You are all culpable !!! The lot of you have blood on your dirty hands!!
    This is First degree murder !!!.

    Is this what so many gambians risked their lives for????
    Those who spent decades in exile???.
    Those who went to prison???
    Those who died for you(Solo Sandeng)????

    Apparently you are worse than Yaya Jammeh !.
    The perpetrators will never go unpunished I reiterate !!! – Ahmed Banna Barry

  9. For days I have been WARNING you GAMBIANS ABOUT Adama Barrow but now his colours are coming out.. We told you guys that once Barrow associated himself with the rebel group called youth movement things will get worst.. Some of you insulted me and some of you unfriend me but now you most eat what you grow .. Adama Barrow plus APRC this is the result ..
    FREE PA MODOU BOJANG – Abdou St Hydara 
  10. Arrest the IGP and the Interior minister. President Adama Barrow step down before there is further killing

    #Free Pa Modou Bojang – Kaw Baldeh

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