Gambia: Letter Writer Defends Seedy Touray Immigration Deputy DG!

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In regards to the Immigration case you need to do some more research on the matter. There was a setup against the Deputy Direction Seedy Touray. I can tell you this because I know this 100%. The old team loyal to Yahya Jammeh, now they called themselves team Buba Sanyany, the Director of Immigration. Most had their promotion base on loyalty to Jammeh are now doing internal fight against Touray, because they believed that getting Touray would enable them to do what they want.

Most of them are senior Immigration officers. They do not like the way Touray is running the Department in a modern style; so they are fighting him to get him out so that they can continue their corruption, but the truth will be known soon; because someone would say the whole truth soon.

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Touray is very honest and humble man. That is why he survived all these years without getting trap into Jammeh stuffs. Most people know this within the department, but the truth will prevail. Just watch out.

Written By An Insider

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From: Freedom Newspaper

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