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BY: Habibou Barry

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My fellow Gambians, we are all seeing and hearing what is transpiring right now.
This is what we first need to ask Adama Barrow. what was the ruling from the ministry of justice on the case of lawyer Ousainou N.K Darboe after when he was granted a bail from prison based on he was a political prisoner? He cannot be a presidential candidate in the upcoming elections due to the charges levied on him in 2016, and now Adama Barrow appointing him the vice president of the Republic of the Gambia based on his executive power, which is totally wrong this decision has to change or be challenged by the ministry of justice because Lawyer Darboe is not in the position to replace Adama Barrow when he resigns as a president when his three years is due.

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Been an independent president for the period of a transition didn’t qualify you to decide against the justice of the country.
The ministry of justice need to be bold enough to take up the challenges to rule out the decision on the appointment of Lawyer Darboe as a Vice president.
#Gambia first.


Modou L Njie —> Wahat koh deh…..this New Gambia has gone lost in the hands of idiots and fools we wanted change but this is totally lame and lack of morality in every aspect of our leaders up failing their respective promises they gave it saddens me deeply in all possible way to witness deep division within and unpredictable behavior demonstrated recently……blie


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