Gambia: Kerr Fatou Show Yanks Off Air By GRTS DG Sillah

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Viewers of the Kerr Fatou show aired on Gambia’s state media GRTS every Thursday, will no longer watch the show on the state broadcaster, as the program has been yanked off air for now, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Kerr Fatou is hosted by Fatou Touray, assisted by Nyang Njie, a Gambian economist and social commentator. GRTS has decided to take the show off air. The followed the recent interview of businessman Pa Njie Girigara, an aspiring Mayoral candidate for the GDC, Papa Njie, and Bakary Badjie, both Mayoral candidates CONDUCTED by the Kerr Fatu show hosts.


The trios interview with Kerr Fatou was due to be aired three weeks ago, but it was delayed for reasons best known to the hosts. A co-host of the show told this medium when asked why the Mayoral candidates interview was not aired, he told us that they were swamped with other programs, but he promised that it was going to be aired the following week. That never happened. The tape was left gathering dust at the GRTS offices for weeks.

On Thursday, a slot was lined up for the long awaited Mayoral program, but to the chagrin of the hosts of the Kerr Fatou show, they were informed by the GRTS DG Ebrima Sillah that the show would not air as planned. Sillah, said our sources, is concerned about the lack of programming objectivity on the Kerr Fatou show. For example, some key contenders in the upcoming Mayoral elections were left out in the show the hosts had with the other contenders. Talib Bensouda of the UDP and Ousman Rambo Jatta were conspicuously absent in that Kerr Fatou segment, which was later not aired by GRTS.

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“However, sources said Touray has contacted Talibeh Bensouda and Rambo Jatta but none of them appeared for the interview,” Eye Africa, an online TV and website reported.

Contacted for comment Nyang Njie, one of the co-hosts of the Kerr Fatou show said: “ Bro, I just found out that we didn’t air last night. I am not in the loop.”

Mr. Njie is on vacation in Europe. He is currently in Norway. He will be back in the Gambia on Sunday.

The Kerr Fatou show is going to be replaced by the GRTS upcoming pre-election programs to feature political parties and their candidates.

DG Ebrima Sillah could not be reached for comment.

From: Freedom Newspaper

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