Gambia: Julakay’s first son allegedly discharged the first gunshot in Faraba.

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Alarming: Julakay’s first son by the name Lamin (civilian) who was with the paramilitaries at the time of protest, allegedly discharged the first gunshot in Faraba. This revelation was made in Faraba Bantang today in the presence of former Interior Minister Mai Fatty.

– Sulayman Bokar Bah

Julakay could had been the best possible Solution.
Only if he could withdraw his deal with the few mention village elders, cuz d villagers were not infavour of it….!
Elders were wrong either.
to still hold on the deal up to this point, after the first protest …!
My prayers and Condolence…..!
May Allah Taala enlightened our hearts and Souls in such cases…
Definitely a pity 😓

After all now everyone is just pointing at The Government
When we could certainly end such disputes ourselves instead calling or waiting for Government……!

I ask the Investigating Journalists; who is this Julakay company? We need to know who the proprietors are, and why they have so much power over an entire community, that they have to be guarded by our own security personals paid for by tax payers, when mining sand in Faraba? We need answers.

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This government is giving us reasons to be mad at them all times. Vice president stop mentioning the 22 years of the jammeh regime. Why is julakay not arrested for forcefully been at the mining site when the national assembly halted him till further notice

When you facilitate you are responsible.

The Interior Minister and all service Chiefs are busy trying to exonerate themselves from responsibility in the shooting of unarmed protesters in Faraba Bantang. There is something call facilitation/facilitating and who ever facilitated the posting of armed security personnel with live ammunition at that mining site, facilitated murder. Press on the ground, if our civil servants won’t tell us, ask Julakay.

Julakay was provided with armed personnel to protect his mining interest in the area and that was exactly what the PIU was doing as instructed and in the process used lethal force. So, someone facilitated the process. Someone from up sent them to the village with live ammunition. The question is WHO


  • MamaLinguere Sarr


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