Gambia: Jammeh’s Assassin Team Relocates From Guinea And Are Now Hosted By The MFDC Rebels At A Camp Next To Foni!

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Former members of dictator Yahya Jammeh’s assassin team called the jungullars have relocated from Guinea Conakry, where they were granted sanctuary by the Conde government to join the MFDC fighters in the bushes of Casamance, the FREEDOM NEWSPAPER can authoritatively report. Among the jungullars, who joined the MFDC is Sanna Manjang, a career killer and onetime Jammeh loyalist. Manjang and co are staying in one of the MFDC camps next to the Gambian side of the border. The camp is situated around Foni.

A RELIABLE and DEPENDABLE source, who reached us said he has been in touch with the jungullars. He said Mr. Sanna Manjang is using a Gambian phone number to communicate with friends, family members and former colleagues in the army.  Our source has promised to furnish us with the list of the jungullars currently being harbored by the MFDC fighters.

According to our source, he doesn’t think that Mr. Manjang and co poses any threat to the Gambian state, but he was quick to point out that they are being harboured by the MFDC rebel group.

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“From what I know, Sanna and co left Guinea Conakry out of hopelessness. They felt being abandoned by Yahya Jammeh. They have decided to get closer to home by joining the MFDC fighters. They are hosted at a camp very close to the Gambian border on the Foni end,” said our source.

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Sanna Manjang, regularly calls Gambia, and he is increasingly frustrated. He is said to have regretted being used by the Kanilai monster. ” He is a changed man now. He prays regularly. He left over 13 kids behind in the Gambia. He is now with the MFDC rebels,” said our source.

The jungullars are not stranger to the MFDC rebels. They used to interact with the rebels during Jammeh’s rule.

Jammeh has been accused in the past by Senegal of harbouring and arming MFDC rebels during the stint of the 22 years in power. A charge, he repeatedly denied.

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Now that some of the jungullars have been granted sanctuary by the MFDC rebels; observers believed that their presence along the border could likely poses as a security threat to the Senegambian region.

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

Email: panderrymbai@gmail.com

Tel: 919-749-6319

From: The World News

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