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You say what you wanna say and do what you wanna do but it’ss a problem when someone else wants to do it his way. The very same people who protested in so many forms against the incident in Faraba are the same people calling DAFADOY names ONLY because they’re different in doing it their way. So what you have said in many ways doesn’t have any potential to incite violence but DAFADOY way of doing it has? It’s like, in this new Gambia, democracy is meant for certain people who could say awful and crazy things, calling it democracy but others can’t without be ing called names and this is just every single time. I really don’t get it.

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Personally, I wish the protest could have waited pending investigations as promised by the Gambia government, but that doesn’t in anyway, form or shape demonize these young men who strongly felt the need to protest now. So how many people are in the Gambia who sympathized with the family victims, yet couldn’t make it to the funeral? Is going to a funeral the ONLY way to show solidarity, sympathy or empathy? Why are we like this, if it’s NOT your way, is trash.

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If you are happy and think you have succeeded because of low turn out at the protest, you could be possibly celebrating the wrong thing….could it have been that FEAR is what most likely accounted for the low turned out. If so, then you are obviously celebrating the resurrection of the FEAR FACTOR IN GOVERNANCE again in The Gambia. Happy Sunday and a peaceful protest!

BY: Lawrence Jabang


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