Gambia: If I Was A Gambian Soldier, I Will Quit My Job-Lai Saine; As He Demands For The Withdrawal Of ECOMIG Forces

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“If I was a soldier, I will quit my job. There is no point to serve in a redundant army. What is the point of being in an army, with no work to do. It is not fair for them to continue collecting salaries, when they are not working. It is a sin to be paid for something you have not labored for. ECOMIG has replaced our army. If I was a soldier, I would rather leave than staying. I will not blame the soldiers leaving the army. There is nothing there for them to do. I think it is better we disband our army. They have no use,” Lai Saine, the aspiring APRC Mayoral Candidate for Banjul told Freedom Radio Gambia’s Civic Education show.

“ Our soldiers have been rendered unproductive since the advent of the Barrow government. There is no point having an unproductive army. We should disband our army. We should replace the army with the old Field Force. Left with me alone, ECOMIG should leave. We don’t need them here,” he said.

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Mr. Saine also talked about dictator Jammeh’s cement landing in the hands of the Banjul City Council officials. He said the dictator left his cement behind and went on exile. The cement was stored at a warehouse in Banjul, belonging to some Lebanese.

“ I also gathered that Mayor Lai Bah is constructing a storey building at their family home in Hardington in Banjul. His neighbors have informed me about his recent house project. I was also told that part of Jammeh’s cement was stored at Lai Bah’s home. If I win the Mayor elections, I am make sure that the BCC is audited. I will also investigate Jammeh’s cement,” he said.

 For more on the story, tune into to our Civic Education show.

From: The World News

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