Gambia: Gambian Pensioner Frowns At SSHFC Workers; As He Hails Gov’t!

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Government of the Gambia took a giant step to make the staff in this institution face serious disciplinary measures. People are definitely suffering in the hands of this wicked and fake scheme. I am still flabbergasted that my account is not up to date since 2013 to 2014. This implies that they have shared it among themselves and cannot still know where to tap money from to pay it. Do we describe them as an institution that comprises of:
• Lazy people who refuse to work for the contributors-cannot update employee’s 14 consecutive monthly contributions for about 4-5 consecutive years. (2014-2018)
• Wicked people whose main intention is to block the progress of contributors by asking them questions equal to asking them to get documents from God so that they cannot have access to their hard monies they have genuinely worked for.
• Fake and deceiving people who are not real in their dealings. Hidden laws are only available when I start claiming my money.
• Greedy people work on their interest. They will never be slow in receiving their salaries or asking for loans. Over D136 Million loan and only D9 million paid leaving outstanding balance of D127 million unpaid.
• Unjust people. The laws and requirements that have been bent, violated and abused one million times are only stiff on defenseless people.
• Bad implementers of their own laws. How can they enforce a law that has been violated and abused one million times? With defenseless contributors, the laws are stiff but with their semi-gods, their laws hibernate. They only implement and enforce their laws when the claimant contributor is defenseless otherwise their laws hibernate, are dormant and fast asleep when their semi-gods approach them.
• Enemy oriented people- their relentless different aggressive inward fights including even spiritual wars among themselves indicated their hunger for only damages.
• Role confusion – they are ready to turn the institution into a court house to preside over the magnitude of cases of termination letters but is this real or they are just inquisitive.
• Heartless people – they force jobless pensioner into a cooling period of three or six months. How and what do they expect contributors to feed their families, send their children to school, finance their medical bills, their parents etc
• Egocentric – they think they are the owner of the people and their monies. They are self centred and only look at their interest which is why they can bother updating contributor’s money.
After finally submitting the confirmation letter from my former employer early this month, Social Security cannot still PAY ME MY MONEY and ask me to wait for another three months again simply because my money is among the monies they put in their pockets for their selfish interest as justified in the fact they have not updated my account since from JANUARY 2013 to FEBRUARY 2014. This is without any qualms that they were taken unawares as they never expected or thought that I would knock their doors at this odd time of their mess and laziness towards contributors. This means the process is taking almost one year before a contributor can have his money. How do they expect contributor to honour their requirements when the same laws or requirements they are talking about have been violated and abused one million times. The ongoing Commission of inquiries is a clear testimony of their abuse of office and carelessness in handling pensioners’ money. It is unbelievable with all the facilities, Social Security are unable to update my account detail for 4 – 5 years now as at 10th October, 2018 and considering their failure to update an employee’s account in their system from 2013 to 2018, this simply means the staff of Social Security are not both duty and time conscious. They are only interested in their pockets. Gambians must get up and wipe out these lazy workers in our systems. By the way and as a matter of fact, the government needs to replace this institution with a different name with complete different set of God fearing people as in case with the former NIA because many including myself lost confidence and trust in this institution.
Let us have fair judgment of the story below so we rate the type of calibers working at Social Security. I personally have no trust and positive thing about Social Security staff in this institution even a person with PhD (if there is any) in this institution would be defined by me as Push him Down (PhD). It does not make any sense to any right thinking person for Social Security to deny a genuine employee based on the evidence below.
• My monthly contribution as an employee has ceased to be in their system since February, 2014
• My former employer’s monthly contribution on my behalf as well has equally ceased to be in their system since February, 2014
• My former employer has signed, dated and stamped their own form with School Official Stamp
• My former employer wrote a confirmation letter and addressed it to Social Security confirming that I was an employee in her school
• I submitted the Filled Social Security benefit form signed, dated and endorsed by my employer with the school official stamp.
• One passport size photo.
• A copy of my passport indicating my nationality and age.
• Notarized with seal Affidavit of Financial Claim from Justice of Peace (JP) and yet still Social Security cannot pay me money. What further definition would they define the word“Termination” and my status other than being not any more a member of their so called fake scheme and What further documents do they need now from my end when my employer has signed, dated and stamped it indicating. If they are not sure why can’t they get to my former school to gather more evidence about me? This scheme is fake and very unreliable as far as I am concerned. I would never advise anyone to join this fake scheme because they are after their selfish self interest considering what I have experienced about them since December, 2017 to 27th October, 2018.
My employer has signed, dated and stamped my form and yet still they are unnecessarily assuming that I am still probably working elsewhere. May I update and enlighten them to wake up from their slumbers in their offices that a person with a termination letter is not a ground that he is not working elsewhere and equally, a person without a termination letter is not a ground that he is working elsewhere. Because they are office detainee and assume that everyone is as fake as they are. They have to wake up from their fully air conditioned rooms and walk in the sun to find out if they are not comfortable with contributor’s evidences.
• How will they deal with an employee from non existing company whose termination letter is lost or spoilt and his employer is out of the country or is dead? Are they saying that they will put that money in their pockets too? If so Social Security Staff need to be God fearing.
What further information do they need about my employment status? is this not enough information that I am not in meaningful engagement? Is it their business to know why and how an employee is terminated when they confessed that they cannot be bothered with employees’ termination issues? What benefits do they derive from knowing someone’s termination? What benefit do they derive from blocking contributors’ progress? How are they helping the contributors by keeping their monies in their pockets? If they disagree, why the gaps still in my contributions and if the fault is from my former employer, why was I not informed at the right time?
On Thursday 25th October, 2018, I called a staff of Social Security in Banjul to find out the fate of my money, surprisingly, I was told to wait for another three months again before they can pay me my money. How can I be asked to wait for another three month cooling periods when the process has been in progress since early February 2018? How many three month cooling periods have I served from February, 2018 to now? Am I not right to believe that they have loaned themselves and they are looking for ways to pay?
As the saying goes, there is no smoke without fire. Social Security must explain to the contributors the purposes and significance of cooling periods and presenting the termination letters by employees in connection to contributor’s claim for their money as they have failed to do this on the page at the time of joining the page. Social Security must admit that they don’t have time to updates of contributor’s accounts because they don’t work until they are approached. As at 10th October, 2018, my contributions are still not intact in their systems. They need to explain who has to write the termination letters and what happens to the employer who refuses to write such termination letters? Above all, do the staffs of Social Security want to turn this institution into a court house to preside over cases of termination? If so, are they saying there is role confusion in this institution? In as much as they said that it is not within their mandate and business to chase an employer to write a letter for the employee, it is equally not their mandate and business to deny a contributor access his money for not presenting such letters.
Besides, termination of someone’s services is as confidential as buying someone’s skills for particular jobs which I believe must not be known to any member of staff of Social Security because it is none of their business as they indicated. This is between an employer and employee only and nobody else except one or both parties deem it necessary to expose it based on reasons best known to him or her. Their business is to give the contributors their monies without hindrance and delay once they demand it with their identification cards including their own. As far as I can believe and considering what I have detected, the main reason behind the cooling period is to gather their irregularities on an accounts they have not regularized for a long period of time as the case in my own issue. Social Security is not a court house to determine the degree of punishment for the employees. Are they afraid to confront the employers for not writing a termination or letters for employees? With or without the termination or letters, the money still belongs to the contributors and NOT SOCIAL SECURITY STAFF. Every genuine contributor MUST know the purposes and significance of these termination letters or their so called requirements in relation to their monies. It is indeed very heartless if a Social Security think employer’s refusal TO WRITE ON BEHALF OF AN EMPLOYEE must mean that an employee will have to forfeit his contributions and if so who will be the custodian of their monies- Social Security? Are we employed to work just for Social Security to possess it? Are we their sons and daughters to deny us and go scot free? They have met wrong person this time. What consequences must an employer face if he refuses to write the termination letter? Why do they refuse to have this among their laws and requirement? You can see how imperfectly they play their games. They don’t care and bother in this case because there is no interest for them from the employers’ side since the money they are looking for from the employer and the employee is available in their pockets already. They would chase the employer and the employee to send in their contributions but would never find the location of an employee to pay even if they are in the next door. In fact, they would even prefer the contributor not to be aware of his own right. This is why they fail to indicate any instructions on the form at the time of joining the scheme. Why can’t they use the time they use in the radio program to sit in their offices to put them in writing for contributors. Not everyone has time at the time to listen to the radio at their times. What reasons will they give if the person says has not listened to the radio during their program. They should go to the institutions to give them the rules governing the Scheme and explain to the contributors on the ground instead of verbal communication. If termination letter is not written by an employer, why do they bother an employee for not presenting it to claim for his money? Equally if the labour Department is responsible for dealing with termination issues, why and how the Social Security is bothered with the termination letters? Social Security has hidden interest in this which must be known or they are bankrupt and looking for unnecessary excuses to escape. I personally believe that it makes no sense to make this a requirement or a law and in addition, how stiff and fair is their law when they have violated their own laws or requirements one million times in many diverse ways. The ongoing commission of enquiry is a living testimony to a lot of irregularities that have been going on in this institution together with over D136 Million loans disbursed to Social Security. If they had done their work properly, their issues would not have been the major subject in the ongoing commission of enquiries? From the ongoing commission of enquiry, we can conclude that the Social Security requirements or laws are violated one million times and it is only stiff because the claimant is either ignorant of his right, poor and defenseless while those who they worship and regard as their semi-gods or probably their family members and probably might not even be the contributors are given one way ticket to burgle huge amount of poor pensioners’ monies without going through the right procedures letting their so called laws and requirements hibernate, sleep, bend and dormant. This is a bad law or bad requirement. Where were they and their laws when such regularities are to happen in their institution? – hibernating?
From their system they can vividly see without any qualms that I have stopped contributing to the Social Security Scheme. How can they argue that he is probably engaged in another work when my contributions cease to get into their systems? Are they saying this is lie?
Are they not aware of some crooked employers’ tricks and how many jobless people whose earning capacity is from hand to mouth can hire a lawyer to stand for them when they are disadvantaged? Even if I will do that, Social Security staff is not the right person to advise me considering all that I know about them for almost a year now.
This is a Government institution and surprisingly most people working in central government are not compulsorily part of this counterfeit scheme, why? When I was working as a teacher in State School, I was paying only INCOME TAX. I had never seen any single Social Security Staff around at the time to chase us to pay. Social Security has nothing to say but confess that they have no regards for the contributors’ money which is why there is nothing in their coffers. It is very sad that monies are collected from the contributors without a single noise at the time from the contributors but a bigger noise greater than even the sound of thunder is heard when it is time to pay their monies. If I were an innocent staff of Social Security, I would resign and maintain my respect in the society. Above all, if the contributors’ monies are safe in their hands, what benefits do they achieve by blocking peoples’ progress in the name of their hidden bad laws? After knowing and understanding that a person at the age of 60 years is worn out and probably does not have much energy to carry out vigorous and strenuous works that require energy, what sense does it make to give that man his money at the age of 60 years when he could have planned earlier than this age? What a wicked thought! What sense are they talking about? Why can’t they wait at the age of 60 years to be given D136 Million loans as mentioned by the finance minister? I am still working out their interest rate and will publish it when I am ready in my next letter.
In fact, is it not equally mandatory for staffs of Social Security to join the scheme? Are they part of the scheme and if not what is holding them from not being part of this fake scheme?
A confirmation letter is obtained from my employer stating that I was an employee in that school was submitted to Social Security early this month. I called a staff of the Social Security Thursday, 25th October, 2018 to find out the fate of my money, only to be told that I have to wait for another three (3) month cooling period. He was talking to me about a law that has been violated and abused one million times. What other three month cooling periods is he talking about when the process has been in progress since early February, 2018. The delay of this was as a result of their laziness of not updating my account but they are accusing me of not presenting a letter from my employer when they have seen the stamp and signature of my former employer. As far as I am concerned, it is clear to me that there are gaps to fill which probably they had already spent and have no idea how to adjust it. If they had done their works properly, those gaps would have been corrected earlier than now. If they have not spent the money, where then is my money? Into which hole has my money?
To call spade a spade, Staffs of Social Security don’t work. The situation in this institution is like a new wine in old bottle. The government needs to replace these people with credible people who would understand and genuinely attend to poor contributors’ plight. I am appealing to the contributors to take to the street and we demand for Social Security reforms. Among many the reform must include the following.
I. Prior to joining the Scheme, all terms and conditions governing the contributions and contributors must be clearly indicated in the written forms in the form they will give to the contributors and a copy to be kept by the contributors so they prove them wrong when they want to deceive. I don’t trust this scheme considering what I went through almost a year now.
II. Contributors must be given ample time, preferably two weeks to thoroughly go over such forms before filling and returning them
III. Contributors must not rely on their information on the Radio programs as with time we might forget or they change some important facts. Remember, they are fault finders when it comes to claim your money. They know what they are doing their with peoples’ monies.
IV. Processing employees’ entitlements MUST not exceed four (4) working days.
V. No cooling periods of three or six months as they don’t wait for any cooling period to receive their salaries at the end of the month. They need to work and serve the people who are contributing to the best of their abilities.
VI. Employees who reach the age of 45 years must be given his full contribution on request. I need my total contributions in this scheme before it is liquidated because I will never be part of this scheme and I don’t want my children to suffer the way I do in the hands of this fake and cruel scheme.
VII. Employers’ letters must not be the ground for Social Security to deny the contributors their legal hard earned monies.
VIII. They need to work out a housing scheme for homeless pensioners not Social Security Staff.
IX. Contributors need to know the fate of their monies when they are not alive, to be stipulated on the form. They are not the right persons to create an account for the late contributor. The money needs to be given to the family of the late contributor to feed the children they live behind before they loan themselves with it. They are heartless and wouldn’t care even if the late husband’s wife will live on prostitution to feed the children he lives behind. They will never appreciate the efforts of any contributors much more the children they leave behind.
X. Clean and God fearing set of staff like Alhagie Mamur Njie (An IEC Chairman) must be employed in this establishment.
XI. Employees must not be forced against their wishes to join the scheme.
XII. Contributors must be given their printout of statement on request both pre and withdrawals. The list goes on and on
For more perusal, I shall attack the following documents for the interest of the general public to assess this fake scheme. This will make you believe that these are really in the interest of anyone but themselves.
I need all genuine contributors to contact me if they want further clarification on this matter.
I want to let the general public know that I am ready for whatever outcome being in jail and even death in taking the lead for demonstration against this fake institution.
Attachments . I sent the attachment of my proves to you via email. Please, check it thoroughly.

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Written By Mr. Malamin Dembajang

Tel 7915619

Editors note: Mr. Dembajang, we did not receive the attachment you mentioned in your piece. Please email it to: panderrymbai@gmail.com Thanks for your attention.

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