Gambia: Fraud Uncovered: Gambian State Is Issuing Receipts Associated With Jammeh’s Frozen Kanilai Family Farm Abattoir To Customers

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While the environmental sanitation at the Abuko abattoir continues to be a major public health danger, a corruption web has been uncovered at the abattoir. Gambia, you remember when Justice Minister Abubacarr Marie Tambadou went to court to secure an interim order freezing dictator Yahya Jammeh’s assets and properties? Justice Amina Ceesay Saho of the High court granted Baa’s request and ordered Jammeh’s assets and properties to be frozen. Well, that court order hasn’t been executed by the Gambian government.

The Kanilai Family Farm Central Abattoir was among the Jammeh properties ordered frozen by the High Court. During a visit to the Abuko abattoir two days ago, we discovered that receipts bearing the business name of Yahya Jammeh’s Kanilai Family Farm is being issued to customers, who brought in their sheep, and cattle to be slaughtered.

The Gambian government should investigate the nonenforcement of the court order. Why are they operating a Jammeh business that has been declared frozen by the courts? Why are they using Kanilai Family Farm receipts in transaction with customers.

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On a face value, the Barrow government is making the appearance that Jammeh’s assets have been frozen, when Jammeh’s businesses are being operated by the agents of the regime. This is an affront to the rule of law.

The last time we checked, the Janneh Commission hasn’t finish its findings. There is also no court order de-freezing Jammeh’s attached assets. Someone is running the Kanilai abattoir to line up his pockets at the expense of the nation.

If the regime can operate the Kanilai abattoir, in defiance of the court order freezing Jammeh’s assets, why can’t they reopen the Daily Observer? The world is watching.The thieves are running asylum in the Gambia.

From: The world News

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