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Gambia: Former VP Njie- Saidy & 5 Others Owe State D7.4M

The former Vice President Njie-Saidy, Ousman Sonko, Dr Abubacarr Senghore, and Nene MacDoull Gaye all former cabinet ministers under the APRC regime and their two other former cabinet colleagues are owing the Gambia government monies to the tune of over Seven million dalasi as per audit reports.

The Gambia government did transferred eight million dalasi (D8m) into a special account in 2014 set up as a revolving scheme (building and car). This was mainly for cabinet members who served in the Jammeh administration. The loan was given at an interest rate of 3% and 5% payable over five or ten years.

The Daily News can confirm the veracity of the outstanding loans. Auditors were able to discover a default on repayment of loans issued by the government of the Gambia.
The office of the Auditor General was able to note a breach of some clause of the loan re-payments as beneficiaries continually defaulted on monthly payments.

The reports indicates that Dr. Isatou Njie-Saidy former Vice President was issued a building loan of two million dalasi DD2m) out of which she repaid six hundred and five thousand dalasi one hundred and seventy two dalasi (D605, 172), and has an outstanding balance with interest of two million, three hundred and ninety-four hundred thousand, eighty hundred and twenty eight dalasi (D2, 394,828.00) and her last repayment date was December 28th 2017.

Ousman Sonko former Interior minister was loaned one million and did not pay a butut and his loan now with interest stands at one million ,one hundred and thirty four thousand dalasi and nine hundred and one dalasi, ninety-two bututs(D1,134,901.92) and his last date of payment is August 2016.

Dr. Abubacar Senghore another former cabinet member took a car loan of (D250, 000) and did not pay anything against the loan and the loan now stands at D269, 530.38.

Nene MacDoull Gaye also a former cabinet minister under Jammeh, took a loan of D1, 200, 000, 00. Paid D228, 645, 92, leaving a balance of D1, 298,698.48. Her last date of payment was 12 may 2017.

Two other former cabinet ministers one Shriffo Bojang took a building loan of D450, 000.00, paid D113, 200.91 and his loan now stands at D371, 953.70. Bojang’s last date of repayment was January 2017.

And the second was Alieu K Jammeh who took a building loan of D1, 760,000.00 he made no payment and his loan now stands At D1, 879,089.08.

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