Gambia: Former Tourism Minister Denies Being A Member Of Dr. Sallah’s Political Party!

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“Apparently, Pa, I read in your paper that you got information that I was part of a team that was forming a political party. I wanted to start with by categorically informing you that.. that information is totally wrong. I have no idea about that party; I have never been associated; I have never discussed it with anybody. I have absolutely no knowledge about that party. And you can continue your inquiry, but I can tell you categorically that I am not part of that party,” Momodou Y.M. Sallah, Gambia’s former Tourism Minister told the Freedom Newspaper in a phone conversation on Saturday. Mr. Sallah was reacting to news reports suggesting that he is a member of Dr. Adama Sallah’s upcoming political party.

“As at now, I am a student, in the University of the Gambia, doing my Masters in law at the age of 66; that’s  how I choose to spend my old age. While doing this, I am not short of qualifications. I am a Chartered Accountant of over 30 years. I hold a Masters in management; Public Administration from Harvard for over 29 years; I am a certified Microsoft engineer; I hold my LLB, my BL, I am doing; this is how I am spending the rest of my life; learning and enjoying things I love doing,” he said.

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“I am not interested in politics or in any position; government position for that matter. I have lived my life to the fullest when I was at the appropriate age. I have retired from work; it is now 14 years this year. At the age of 52, I took my retirement,” he added.

Sillah reiterated that he has no interest in working for the government. He also maintains that he is not associated with any political party. Though, as a private citizen, he says he reserves the right to support, or provide financial support to the party of his choice if he deems it prudent.

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“I thought I have lived a very full life and I have never been a problem to the establishment. If you have read about Scattered Janneh, he will tell you, at the time of Yahya, in cabinet I was the only one, who will question and challenge him,” he noted.

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Mr. Sallah also raised the case of his son Montaga, who was sacked by the former Kanilai dictator. He said his son was a victim of Jammeh’s power abuses. This followed, Montaga’s refusal to avail himself to Jammeh’s corruption bidding.

” To the latter part, when all the Permanent Secretaries in this country, were conspiring with Jammeh to loot..; when my son came in and said I am asked to put $1.5 million dollars in a fictitious account, I was the only one, who told him don’t do it, and the family paid a very high price for it. This is who I am,” he said.

“When my son refused to comply, he was sacked and disgraced. With all the nasty things you saw my family suffered.. And when a sympathizer wrote in your paper, sympathizing with Montaga, and exposed the facts and I repeat exposed facts; my family suffered more; he was the last person to be enrolled back; this is who we are; I cannot speak for Montaga. I can speak for myself,” he concluded.

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Editors note: We want to extend our unreserved apology to Mr. Momodou Sallah. We regret for any inconvenience caused as a result of our publication. Thanks for your attention.

From: Freedom Newspaper

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