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By: Ousman Joof ,

Last week it was Lang Tombong Tamba defrauding the nation about 6.6 million Dalasis on unretired impress and now is Kaba Bajo asked to declare his assets as the commission of Enquiry on the financial transactions of Yaya Jammeh is about to close first week of August. After enjoying his share of the Junta diverted Taiwan millions, Kaba may not only have his assets confiscated but likely to face punishment of not holding public office for years.Can we trust our football in the hands of those facing serious financial troubles.

Again, how can we have Kaba as President of GFF and his closest friend in crime his 1st Vice President. Bakary Jammeh is motorised criminal has his toll on Elton, Social Security and MRC. He is the master minder of the tax fraud troubles GFF is facing at the moment. He awarded 10 million Dalasis contract to his friend, help him evade tax of almost one million Dalasis and go behind to share with him what belongs to the state.

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We cannot definitely risk our millions in the hands of these desperate people facing bankruptcy.

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