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By: Fatu Camara

One thing though..Since President Barrow came to power, I have never heard stories of him dating young girls compared to his predecessor. I respect him for that👌🏽

I love and respect men who are faithful to their partners.



Bakary Bah Barrow came Happily Married to 2 queens. Jammeh was a Virgin Bachelor at the time 🤣.

Babou Njie Sallah Fatoumatta. Mbulla y.

Manneh, legally “Dating” itself is not against the constitution or an impeachable offence especially if he wants to marry a third wife 😂 but that’s his personal life and the least of my worries but I just want him to step up and work, work.

If he does that for me he can date all he want as long as those woman are of the legal age.

Ahmed Manjang Two wives still dates young girls? We will hang him


Jadama Manfaring Hahaha Ahmed Manjang Barrow is not like you.

Jallow Yerro N. Good that you never heard but honestly Fatu I don’t trust Barrow since he said that he can raised his hands that he has never fonicate people’s wives or got a girl friend. What must have made him to utter such statements. He’s only feeling too proud and big because Gambians know that he’s not perfect and has gone through lots of struggle and difficulties in life. I wish the Gambia was a conservative society then he will know the consequences of uttering such useless statements. I am not very sure but I want to believed that some women’s can drop his hand down.
President s are only ordinary human,in fact they are not even chosen by God but God’s representatives. For example we have seen the life of some president’s before and after office.
Thank you Fatu.

Mamadi Samateh I think he is trying to mock someone indirectly whom some said he is a womanizer

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Alieu Ceesay Very bad! The CRC should consider that as well, that any married man found dating outside should be sent to jail for three months. Hahahahahah Fatu Camara

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, what do you think?

Prince Almameh James Jnr Blame the young girls. If a married man follows you, refuse and find your way. Period. What were the young girls doing at the Presidency in the first place? They either get married or date someone based on love and not materialistic reasons.

Fatu Camara Study shows that women mostly cheat when they don’t have the attention of their husbands and can’t end the marriage 😉

Kebba Jallow It’s like a man and a woman saying I take care of my kids. It’s normal, you are suppose to take care of your kids and you are not suppose to cheat and no one will give you a trophy for that.

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Modou Leigh That not good enough and not even the point here , we elected him to deliver and served The Gambians with honesty and professionalism but he seems to be very bias and incopetent. We are not gauging him to Yayah Jammeh because the way too low for us

Yusupha Ceesay From the perspective of balancing the scales of injustice….We have to set a side any form of intellectual justification efforts and implement the law of a jungle justice to justify Jammeh’s left behind ordeals ( involving sexual abused and child molestation )

Fonsa Jobs Fatou dnt mind donkey heads .so many black heads out there causing unnecessary attacks and debates, when they cannot even put food on d table for their families.

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